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Part one of two episode story arc. Daniel Running Bear needs help stopping a local rancher from illegally gathering up wild stallions. Meanwhile, Colonel Decker has replaced Colonel Lynch and is determined to bring in the A-Team.


Bus Carter
Colonel Decker


Daniel Running Bear


Face - Jerry Johnson

Hannibal - hot dog vendor Hannibal - waiter

Murdock - The Range Rider

Notable Locations[]


Memorable Quotes[]

Hannibal: Face, you're not George Lucas.


Hannibal sacrificed B.A.'s van in order to facilitate the team's escape from Decker. Hannibal drove it into the ocean as a diversion. B.A. didn't find out until later.

Daniel Running Bear lied about having enough money to pay the team. They took the case anyway. Considering the long drive and various expenses this case was presumably a financial loss for the team.

Decker established in dialogue that many of the events of season one took place in 1977-78. Bus Carter established in dialogue that the events of this episode took place in the eighties.

This was a two-hour special.