The A-Team tries to stop a rich Texan from marrying an attractive young woman against her will. The entire community opposes their efforts, including the sheriff, the mayor, and the woman's own employees.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

Wilson County Police Department


Calvin Cutter


Tracey Scott, the stewardess


Amy - wedding photographer

B.A. - caterer

Face - caterer

Hannibal - caterer then bride

Murdock - pastry chef

Notable LocationsEdit

Wilson County, Texas

Memorable QuotesEdit

Justice of the Peace: Do you, Templeton Peck, take Jaclyn to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Jackie: Answer the guy!
Face: [sigh] Uh, yeah, yeah. I do.


The presence of B.A.'s van in Texas implies that he got his way and the team drove there instead of flying.

Face's marriage to Jackie is an actual, legal marriage. It is later annulled, but it breaks from the A-Team's more usual pattern of staging hoaxes.

Guest starringEdit

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