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Tia Fulbright
Tia Fulbright undercover.jpg

Tia Fulbright (Tia Carrere) working as undercover Vietnamese guerrilla in Season 4 episode "The Sound of Thunder".
Full Name: Same as above
First appearance: "The Sound of Thunder" in Season 4
Last appearance: None, one-time appearance
Appeared on/in: The A-Team
TV Episodes
appeared in:
1 episode, Season 4
Portrayed by: Tia Carrere in guest appearance
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality/Race: Vietnamese-American/Biracial
Occupation Vietnamese Intelligence operative who joins the A-Team in Season 4, but only for one episode; half-daughter of Gen. Fulbright, a one-time chief nemisis of the team, who comes to his aid upon his meeting daughter Tia
Family General Harlan Fulbright (father)

Tia Fulbright was a character who appeaered in the Season 4 episode of the NBC-TV series The A-Team titled "The Sound of Thunder". The part of Tia is played by Tia Carrere.

About Tia[]

Tia is the daughter of General Harlan Fulbright and was primed to become member of the A-Team in Season 4 of the series. She was the half-Vietnamese daughter of latter 4th season antagonist General Fulbright. She was inducted into the team in "The Sound of Thunder", the finale to season 4, after the death of her father and her own wanted status in Vietnam and illegal status in the US. 

In "The Sound of Thunder" episode in Season four, Tia becomes part of the A-Team, but is never seen again due to Tia Carrere's prior comitment to the popular ABC-TV daytime soap opera "General Hospital", due to her not being able to get out of her contract with the soap-opera, the idea of adding the "Tia" character to the cast of characters was nixed by the producers of the show.