A young woman meets the A-Team by chance in a community hospital and they decide to help her and her family get out from under extortionists before moving on.




Shana Mayer


B.A. - Lothar Quint

Face - The Magnificent Templeton

Notable LocationsEdit

Lobster Bay, California

Memorable QuotesEdit

Face: And once he's wiped out the lobster beds there's no way they're gonna be able to replenish themselves. Is that right?
Shana: That's right.
Amy: Yeah, but I thought nature always replenished itself.
Murdock: It does.


It's Decker's own fault that he didn't catch the A-Team at the beginning of this episode. He knew they were in a tiny community hospital, and he saw several people in masks and/or under blankets and he didn't bother to check their identities. Further, he left B.A.'s van unguarded.

Guest starsEdit

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