The White Ballot was the 12th episode of Season 2 of the NBC-TV series The A-Team, also the 26th overall episode in the series. Directed by Dennis Donnelly and written by Jeff Ray, the episode first aired on December 6, 1983.


A reporter who knows Amy needs help because the town where he was writing a story is ruled by a corrupt sheriff. Face runs against him in an election, plastering posters of his picture all over. When Colonel Decker sees one he moves on the whole team.


A reporter friend of Amy's enlists the team to aid in defeating a long term incumbent small town sheriff named Dawson who is as corrupt as the day is long. Dawson and his deputies supply protection to an illegal casino and moonshine runs. Of course if anyone runs against him, Dawson finds a way to stop them...or kill them before they become a serious threat to his authority. Naturally, that won't stop the A-Team from having Face masquerade as a small town war hero returning to challenge Dawson for his seat. That is, of course, if Col. Decker and his men don't get wind of the A-Team's location first!


Sheriff Jake Dawson


Jim Baker


Amy - Mrs. Morgan B.A. - boom grip

Face - Joe Morgan

Hannibal - Herb Kyle, television reporter

Murdock - Brad, camera man

Notable LocationsEdit

Parkland, New Mexico

Memorable QuotesEdit

Frightened restaurant owner: W-would anyone l-like some coffee?
Face: Ah, that'd be nice.
Frightened restaurant owner: H-how would you like it?
B.A.: In a cup, fool!

Guest starsEdit


This episode used the old credit sequence, including Melinda Culea. It was her last episode.

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