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"The Taxicab Wars" is the seventh episode of the second season of The A-Team, and is also the 21st overall series episode. This episode was written by Stephen J. Cannell, and directed by Gilbert M. Shilton. It originally aired on the NBC network in the United States on November 1, 1983.


A cab company didn't like its rival, so it assaulted the cab drivers and torched the taxis. Corruption within the LAPD meant that the police wouldn't help, so they hired the A-Team.


The Love Cab Company


The Lone Star Cab Company


Face - Harold

Hannibal - Clarence Wickersham III

Murdock - Captain Cab
Murdock - Socki the talking dog
Murdock - Vern the veterinarian

Notable Locations[]

Los Angeles


B.A.'s van appears in this episode, even though when last seen it was in Colonel Decker's custody after having just been lifted out of the ocean. The van seemed none the worse for wear.

This job was done on spec, with Hannibal gaining a 10% interest in the cab company in exchange for their services.

This episode made it clear that the LAPD was essentially ineffective in preventing crimes committed by small businesses against each other. Both cab companies engaged in multiple felonies. Correuption in the LAPD was first seen in A Small and Deadly War. Hannibal mentioned calling the police at the end of the episode, but they were never seen on-screen.

When Hannibal was introducing the team he included Amy in the introductions, implying that she was a member of the team and not just someone blackmailing them into allowing her to accompany them.

Guest stars[]

  • Michael Ironside as Miler Crane
  • Edward Lynch as Strike
  • Ernie Hudson as Cal Freeman
  • Robin Dearden as Kathy
  • Brion James as Ryder
  • Greg Monaghan as Shelly
  • Michael Crabtree as Thomas Hart
  • Liz Sheridan as Tina Lavelle
  • Tom Reese as Guard at the gate
  • Ivor Barry as Old Man in Cab
  • Donald Gibb as Deke Billings