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"The Heart of Rock n' Roll" is the sixth episode of the fourth season of The A-Team.


Face, B.A., Murdock arrive at a Rick James concert, where Hannibal waits for them. After the performance, James meets with the A-Team, who asks them to help the imprisoned C.J. Mack.

In prison, C.J. – intent on getting out of prison this day – is intimidated by a fellow inmate, who breaks C.J.'s guitar. He speaks to Warden Crichton, who wishes him luck in his life of freedom. C.J. is transported out of prison with the A-Team following. The transport van – occupied by inmates that had harassed Mack – takes Mack to an alley and the men prepare to execute him. The A-Team arrives and rescue C.J.

In a parking garage, Face – diguised as Central Division of Parole Applicants employee James Peppage – approaches C.J.'s lawyer, Devon Paige, who sees past his facade, but she relents when she learns Face knows where C.J. is. She goes with him to meet with C.J., who reveals his knowledge of a robbery ring being operated in the prison, led by the guard Quint. However, his evidence is still hidden at the prison.

The group of convicts stage a robbery at a store where Hannibal acts as the owner, a crippled old man. He takes them to the safe, where Murdock is with a gun, and holds up one of the convicts. Hannibal unleashes a gun hidden in a crutch and chases the other two criminals to the team's van, where they are captured.

After dropping off the crooks at the police station, the team returns to C.J. and Devon, who have arranged for C.J. to be officially released.

However, Warden Crichton is actually behind Quint's operation and wishes for C.J. to be killed. He commands Quint to have C.J. killed and for his death to appear as an accident.

Devon informs Murdock and Face that C.J. is back in jail alongside Quint's men. Face suspects Crichton's treachery. Murdock suggests a "party" for C.J. at the prison. Crichton is informed of this idea, believing the Governor suggested it.

A Rick James concert is set up at the prison. James gives Crichton some tapes to pass along to C.J. While setting up, Hannibal blows a fuse in the prison's electrical system. A guard takes him and Face to a fuse box and they gain entry to a workshop, where C.J. had hidden his evidence.

Meanwhile, a guard delivers the tapes to C.J. As C.J. listens, B.A. contacts him through the headphones, telling him their plan to break him out of the prison.

Face tears up a floorboard and distracts a guard while Hannibal searches for the evidence, hidden on tapes. When Hannibal finds it, Crichton comes in and demands the tapes.

Rick James performs as B.A. tries to convince C.J. to resume his music career. C.J. is brought to the stage, where he performs with James. As this happens, Crichton has B.A. and Murdock taken inside the prison with the captured Hannibal and Face.

The team escapes and foil Quint's attempt to kill C.J. and take down the corrupt guards. Hannibal plays Crichton's incriminating tape, exposing him to the city mayor.

Now free, C.J. Mack performs a sold-out concert.



Special Guest Star[]

  • Isaac Hayes as C.J. Mack

Guest Starring[]

  • Rick James as himself
  • Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Gravedigger
  • Beau Starr as Starger
  • James Avery as Quint
  • Eileen Barnett as Devon Paige
  • Peter Haskell as Warden Crichton


  • Al Pugliese as Guard
  • Kimberley LaBelle as Stone Fox