The A-Team is hired after a jet is hijacked. Somehow they need to rescue the passengers even though the plane is already in the air.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

United People's Resistence


United People's Resistence


Beller Air


B.A. - Beller Air Ground Crew

Face - Vice President of Beller Air

Hannibal - Edward Beller

Murdock - Beller Air Ground Crew

Memorable QuotesEdit

B.A.: What's that?
Murdock: Sounds like... noise.

B.A.: This is my worst nightmare.


This is one time when Hannibal isn't lying when he says that B.A. doesn't have to join the team on a plane. It turns out that Hannibal was wrong, but in this particular case his intentions were honest.

Amy takes another heroic turn in this episode when she steals a guard's gun and holds the control room under threat until they agree not to send the A-Team to their deaths.

There is a filming error where Face and Hannibal are sitting on the aircraft. Before Face goes to the bathroom, the stairs leading up to the upper deck are seen and he walks along the lower deck. When the fight breaks out, Hannibal turns to the noise and is seen sitting near the cockpit. On a standard 747 the cockpit is on the upper deck.

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