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Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck is a member of the A-Team and second-in-command after John "Hannibal" Smith. Just like the original "Faceman", he is a ladies man. He was in a relationship with DCIS Agent Captain Charissa Sosa, who left him after their relationship became serious. Over the course of the film, Face matures from a ladies man to more of a leader. At the end of the film, he plans the final mission instead of Hannibal. During the Court-Martial, he also accepts his own responsibility rather than letting Hannibal take all the blame. He was portrayed by comedic actor Bradley Cooper.

A German movie poster reminiscent of a dossier/personnel file was released with the following bio:

Templeton Peck owes his nickname "Face" to his good looks. He can always use this to the advantage of the A-Team, but sometimes it also becomes a disaster. People - especially women - that do exactly what he wants is his specialty. The problem is that often the wrong woman lands in his arms and the rest of the team has to come to him on at least one occasion. Moreover, Face is a bit cocky and has the habit of never-ending happiness.

With all this, he is never embarrassed by a cunning argument. He has every reason for this, for he is wise and thinks quickly, so that Hannibal gives him full confidence as his right hand. He is glad to carry out the execution of the trickiest part of his latest plan. If something goes wrong, Face finds a guaranteed way out and brings the team back on course.

Face is also the most athletic and the most precise shooter in the team. He walks around with a gun as if it were part of his arm. The many hours he spent perfecting his body are not due only to his vanity. They serve to make him the perfect soldier and the pivot of the A-Team.[1]


Face is depicted as a smooth talking ladies man, but is also shown having a relationship with Captain Charisa Sosa (played by Jessica Biel), who pursues the A-Team after they escape from prison. Throughout the film, Face matures from a womanizing joker to a calculating professional - to the point that, in the film's climax, he, not Hannibal, plans the A-Team's legal redemption. Face plans the mission based on a classic confidence game including cranes and shipping crates, and involving Murdock being shot in the head. B. A. initially regrets the team's reliance on Face, but changes his mind after they learn Sosa has smuggled a key into Face's mouth with a kiss. Face also shows considerable maturity when he accepts his own punishment, rather than allowing Hannibal to take the full blame. Face ends the film by saying Hannibal's catchphrase, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Before Joining the A-Team[]

On February 25, 1991, at the Log Base Bravo, Saudi Arabia, near the Iraq border, Colonel Vogel asks Mathers what is going on and Mathers tells him "Big red one's at UMM QASR and reporting oil fires and the Iraqis are on the run all over the map." Vogel says that they will be re-locating at SAFWAN once they get the O.K. and Mathers informs him that there is a problem with his Hummer. Vogel knows that Face took his engine.

Face is on the phone with somebody named Butch who has a Camel he can use for something. Vogel wants to know why Face took his engine. Face says he took it because the first Brigade "was short an anti-mine plow because of a blown rod." Vogel tells him that they're there to "free the Kuwaitis and get the oil flowing again." He tells Face that if he can get a Ducati Italian racing motorcycle within 24 hours, Face won't be tried and sent to jail.

Face calls a couple different people in the military who can't get him one. He calls a lady in Bologna, Italy, who tells him that the waiting list is 2 years. Davis takes the phone away from Face because he needs it. Face sees on the news that some were being smuggled out of Kuwait. He asks a French reporter to see the footage of a Ducati being stolen. They find out that it's on a truck. Both Vito and Colonel Vogel are tracking the truck with the Ducati on it. Face borrows a truck from Griggs so he can get to it.

North of Rhawdata, at the road to Basra, Face disguises himself and catches up to the truck. Face takes the Ducati and rescues an Iraqi woman from the Iraqi soldiers and the truck. Face manages to bring the Ducati to Colonel Vogel at Log Base Bravo. Vogel is upset about the condition of the Ducati. A man named Emir Baruk Al Massir sees that his daughter has been rescued and says that he told George Bush that whoever saved her is a hero. Face gets ready to leave and says, "So, I guess this means I'm dismissed?"[2]

The Mexico Incident[]

In Mexico, Face is being held captive by General Javier Tuco at his ranch because he had an affair with his wife. Tuco put him in a stack of tires and poured gas on him in an attempt to burn him. Hannibal and B. A. Baracus drive up and rescue Face from Tuco. Face rolls down a hill in the stack of tires and vomits from it. They escape with Tuco's wife. Face teases B. A. for having a "Bad Attitude" until he finds out that B. A. is an Army Ranger like the rest of the team, after which he thanks him.

They go to the Hospital San Vicente de Paulo, a U.S. Army Hospital in Sonora, Mexico. They recruit Murdock, who is disguised as a doctor. Murdock smells gas on Face and sets his sleeve on fire. Like B. A., Face is reluctant to have Murdock be in a helicopter piloted by Murdock, due to Murdock's insanity. While flying in the hospital helicopter, B. A. falls out of the open door and is rescued by Face, leading to B. A.'s intense fear of flying, especially when Murdock is piloting. They manage to lure Tuco into U.S. airspace and his plane is shot down for trespassing, allowing the A-Team to escape.

Iraq/Baghdad Incident and Court-Martial[]

"8 years and 80 successful missions later", the A-Team members are at a military base in Iraq, run by General Russell "Russ" Morrison, about a week after troops are withdrawn from Baghdad. Face's former girlfriend, Captain Charissa Sosa arrives by helicopter and they see each other for the first time since their break-up, 3 years ago. Agent Lynch meets with Hannibal and gives him an assignment to retrieve some U.S. Treasury plates that can be used to counterfeit money so that they aren't smuggled out of Baghdad. Face is not aware of the plates yet, and Sosa insists that they stay out of Baghdad because the plates are her responsibility and she threatens to court-martial. After she leaves, Face and Murdock sing "Trio Para Enamorados (Trio for Lovers)". Murdock nicknamed Sosa "El Diablo" because of her relationship with Face.

Morrison reluctantly gives Hannibal permission for the A-Team to retrieve the plates. They gather supplies for their mission to retrieve the plates and Face disguises as a reporter. He kisses a French reporter lady. During the actual mission, Face disguises as the press and climbs into a sewer to get to the semi container containing the plates, taking out enemies along the way. B. A. gets inside the container and Face and Hannibal attach the container to Murdock's plane so that they can fly it back to the base, successfully retrieving the plates. General Morrison dies in an explosion and Brock Pike, who is the head of Black Forest, escapes with the plates. Sosa apprehends the A-Team and is later demoted to first Lieutenant because she lost the plates.

Due to General Morrison's death and all evidence being destroyed of them working under orders, Face, along with the rest of the A-Team, are court-martialed. During the trial, Hannibal attempts to take full responsibility, but Face shows maturity and accepts that it was his responsibility as well. The A-Team members are found guilty and sent to different prisons for 10 years, stripped of their ranks, and dishonorably discharged.

Escape from Prison[]

Six months later, Face is at a Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola, Florida, where he tans and things, such as using a steam room. He had a fling with a Captain at the prison. Face wants to build a lap pool and a dry steam. In the extended version of the film or during the post-credits scene of the theatrical version, Face goes into a room with tanning beds, where he runs into Milt (Dirk Benedict), who tells him not mess with his face. Face is tanning when Hannibal smuggles him out of prison. Hannibal wants Face to help him get the team back together so that they can clear their names.

Hannibal and Face rescue B. A. from a Ft. Sauber prison bus in Lake Tahoe, California. B. A. now has an afro and tells them that he can't kill anyone. He said that he got the mohawk when he was a kid because everyone thought he needed to be tough.

B. A., Hannibal, and Face rescue Murdock from the Army Psychiatric Hospital in Manheim, Germany by busting an armored car through the wall while Murdock and the other patients are watching a 3-D movie. They steal an Army plane with a tank on it. Sosa drives onto the runway and has to reverse because of the plane, during which Murdock says "Face, your girlfriend's back". Just before the plane is shot down, the A-Team members make it into the tank, which has parachutes attached to it. Face uses the hatch and the gun to shoot down the Reaper drones that shot down the plane. They land in Lake Wolgastsee, where a German couple is fishing.

Retrieving the Stolen Plates[]

Hannibal plans their mission to retrieve the plates. Face handcuffs Sosa to a photo booth at Frankfurt Central Station in order to protect her from Lynch and keep her from interfering. He tells her that they're innocent and that the truth is worth the risk. Face later shoots his gun at the ground to get people to panic and evacuate the train station.

At the Konigsbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, B. A. and Hannibal disguise as window cleaners. Murdock catches "the Arab's" parachute with his helicopter and B. A. retrieves the case containing the plates. B. A. refuses to shoot Pike and Hannibal hits him with a car. Sosa apprehends Pike.

Clearing Their Names[]

The A-Team members are in a cabin with "the Arab" held captive. Hannibal unmasks "the Arab" and reveals that it is General Morrison. Face is very angered by this. In the extended version, the other A-Team members talk Face into sparing Morrison rather than killing him because he is their only proof of their innocence. Morrison was working with Pike to double-cross Lynch like he did the A-Team. Hannibal asks Lynch if he knew Morrison was "the Arab". He also asks for amnesty for the team. Lynch says he needs 5 minutes. Hannibal tells Morrison to tell the authorities that they are innocent. Face asks Hannibal if he could ever betray the A-Team like Morrison did. Hannibal replies, "No. Not in a million years.... I'd rather face a firing squad than betray you boys. Don't let this tear us apart. Not now. Not when we need each other like no other time before."

Lynch launches an airstrike, killing Morrison. The A-Team members survive and escape on a boat. They tell Sosa that Morrison is still alive so that Lynch will believe it as he is wired into her phone lines. Lynch has a fit when he hears it. Hannibal also tells Sosa that they have the plates and he requests a re-trial.

The A-Team takes a plane to a ship, where Face plans the mission that will clear their names. Murdock pretends to be the Phantom of the Opera and sings "For life is but an opera" to Face. Face tells him that he is worried that the mission won't be successful since he is planning it instead of Hannibal. Murdock reveals a bulletproof helmet.

They start the mission at the port of Los Angeles. Sosa decides to change the deal and Hannibal refuses to turn himself in. "Morrison" is hidden in a shipping container, mixed by Face like 3 plastic cups. They distract Lynch with cars, fireworks, and explosions. B. A. uses a motorcycle to get to Pike and breaks his neck. Face yells "BOSCO!!!" and B. A. takes off his hat, revealing that his mohawk is back. Lynch is eventually caught and apprehended by Sosa, who has a warrant for his arrest.

The following morning, even though the A-Team members were found innocent, they get arrested for breaking out of prison. Director McCready, Sosa's boss, re-promotes Sosa to Captain. He tells her that the A-Team is going to be delivered to the U.S. Marshals in Long Beach. Sosa apologizes to Face and kisses him, smuggling a key into his mouth. When in the armored prison truck, he reveals the key and quotes Hannibal's catch phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together." The A-Team members manage to escape.[3]


Promotional Trailer[]


The A-Team Faceman FIRST LOOK (2010)


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