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Tawnia Baker was a recurring character who appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 of the NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Tawnia is played by actress Marla Heasley. The character's first name comes from Stephen J. Cannell's daughter Tawnia, while her surname comes from Cannell's mother's maiden name.

About Tawnia[]

Tawnia saw what Amy's association with the A-Team did for her career and wanted the same boost. She took advantage of some information sources at a place where she was working on an unrelated story and used those to get in touch with the A-Team and demand in.[1]

Tawnia was willing to get cozy with the bad guy in order to further the A-Team's missions.[2]

She may have occasionally dated Ted, a deputy D.A.[3]

Memorable Quotes[]

Tawnia: Amy was right! The word "commitment" can ward Templeton Peck off faster than a can of Mace.[4]

Hannibal: (to B.A.) Do you know how to find that address?
Tawnia: (interrupting) I do! I... hang out at the beach quite a bit.[5]