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"Steel" is the eleventh episode of the second season of The A-Team.


Mickey Stern and his niece, Randy, discuss their troubles with Carl Denham, who is attempting to sabotage their demolition contract to demolish a high-rise. Suddenly, a trailer explodes, caused as a threat by Denham to Stern and his niece.

They go to an amusement park, having been sent there by "Mr. Lee." There, they search for The A-Team, meeting Hannibal, who is posing for photos as the The Aquamaniac. Face and B.A. soon join them and they discuss the job.

Disguised as a member of the United States Department of Animal Health and Welfare, Face goes to the psychiatric hospital to retrieve Murdock, who is acting like a rabid dog.

Hannibals and B.A., along with the Sterns, confront some of Denham's men. A fight ensues just before the arrival of Murdock and Face, who join in. The A-Team win and Denham's men vacate the premises.

Denham meets with mobster Tommy "Crazy Tommy T" Tillis, who does not want the high-rise demolished. Denham attempts to assure Tillis that Stern will soon be out of business and the contract will be handed over to Denham. Hannibal watches the meeting and has Face follow Tillis. Hannibal goes to investigate Denham's business further, with Murdock on standby.

Hannibal holds a caterer at gunpoint, but is then at gunpoint himself by one of Denham's men. Murdock causes an explosion, allowing Hannibal to steal the catering truck. Denham and his men pursue, though Hannibal manages to escape.

Tillis arrives at Sultan's Palace. Face follows him inside, where a hostess tells him they are closed. Face pretends to have picked up Tillis' wallet and soon realizes who Tillis is. He calls Hannibal, and they are confused as to why Tillis is involved in the demolition business. Tillis requests Face at his table. Taking Face's wallet, Tillis finds various calling cards and voices his disgust with con artists. Denham calls Tillis, reporting the fiasco caused by Hannibal.

Hannibal, B.A., and Murdock act as window washers as Hannibal listens n on a meeting between Tillis and Denham, learning that Tillis wants the high-rise to stay up because his ex-partner is buried on the lot.

Face manages to escape Tillis' henchman by spilling a bottle of Sherry and setting it ablaze with a cigar. Hannibal and B.A. quickly come to his rescue as Tillis and Denham pursue, stopped by road spikes. Tillis orders his henchman to gather soldiers to get rid of the A-Team.

Stern prepares to demolish the high-rise, but the A-Team comes and informs them of Tillis' involvement and tell the Sterns to get off the job so they can take over and prepare for Tillis' pending arrival.

Tillis and his men arrive, searching for Stern and his employees. Tillis shoots Stern's trailer, but with no result. They venture further into the demolition site, where Hannibal attempts to talk Tillis out of engaging in a fight, but this expectedly fails and a gunfight ensues, with the A-Team using demolition equipment to gain the upper hand. Tillis surrenders.

With the threat eliminated, the Sterns once again prepare to go forward with the demolition. B.A. and Hannibal go, leaving Face to return Murdock to the psychiatric hospital.



Guest starring

  • Mary-Margaret Humes as Randy Stern
  • Ray Girardin as Carl Denham
  • Tim Rossovich as Boyle
  • Michael Baseleon as Tommy "Crazy Tommy T" Tillis

Special guest star


  • Sharan Lea as Leann
  • Nina Shaw as Tourist
  • Duke Stroud as Scott
  • Camilla More as Girlfriend
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