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Leslie Becktall (aka Sister Theresa)
Markie Post as Sister Theresa.jpg

Markie Post guest appears as "Sister Theresa" aka Leslie, in the episode "The Only Church In Town" in Season 2 of the series.
Full Name: Same as above
Nickname/Alias: Sister Theresa
First appearance: "The Only Church in Town"
Last appearance: N/A, one-time appearance
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (TV Series)
TV Episodes
appeared in:
1 episodes
Portrayed by: Markie Post in Guest appearance
Character Information
Gender Female
Occupation Nun
Family Family only mentioned

Leslie Becktall, also known as Sister Theresa, appears in the Season 2 episode of the NBC-TV series The A-Team" titled "The Only Church in Town". The part of Leslie is played by actress Markie Post.

About "Sister Theresa"[]

Face called Leslie the only woman he ever loved. In college, he tried to give her his fraternity pin as a sort of pre-engagement gift. He learned that she had moved away with no explanation. He forced her best friend to take the pin. Fifteen years later, Leslie sent it to Face. He responded by hiring the A-Team, assuming it was a plea for help.

Leslie changed her name when she became a nun, and was called Sister Theresa. She didn't want Face back in her life; she just wanted to tie up loose ends because she thought that she was about to die. Even though she chose to become a nun instead of marrying him, she still prayed for Face every night.