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Season 5 (1986-1987)[]

No. in series No. in season Title Director Writer(s) Originally aired Prod.
86 1 "Dishpan Man/The Court Martial (Part I)"

"The Court Martial (Part 1)"

Tony Mordente Stephen J. Cannell September 26, 1986 5.01
Hannibal is kidnapped by retired General Hunt Stockwell, who offers him the choice between going to jail or the A-Team performing a mission for him. They are to free a group of hostages from a hijacked plane in Spain. As an extra incentive, Stockwell reveals that former ally Josh Curtis is on the plane, and he might have information that could clear the A-Team's names. Instead, after being freed, Curtis betrays the team and falsely tells Stockwell he saw the A-Team kill Colonel Morrison and burn their headquarters to cover the crime. After years of beingfugitives, the A-Team has finally been captured. 
87 2 "Trial by Fire/The Court Martial (Part I)" Les Sheldon Tom Blomquist October 3, 1986 5.02
The court martial of the A-Team is under way, featuring witnesses (among them Col. Roderick Decker) and a recounting of the team's "crime they didn't commit". Curtis is exposed as a liar, but before the truth comes out fully he is killed by his gunrunner partners. Fearful that Murdock, who is not part of the court martial, will be suspected, the rest of the A-Team pleads guilty at the hearing. Meanwhile Frankie Santana, a colleague of Hannibal's in his stunt work, and Murdock seek evidence to prove the innocence of Hannibal, Face, and BA. 
88 3 "Firing Line/The Court Martial (Part III)" Michael O'Herlihy Frank Lupo October 10, 1986 5.03
Time is running out for the team as their execution is impending. Murdock and Frankie desperately seek Stockwell's help in helping the team escape but are rebuffed. Eventually, through clever manipulation of Stockwell, the team escape their execution and are coerced into joining Stockwell's agency, whereupon they will perform covert high-risk missions for him in exchange for a presidential pardon. 
89 4 "Quarterback Sneak" Craig R. Baxley Paul Birnbaum October 17, 1986 5.04

The A-Team travel to East-Germany under the pretense of a football team in order to sneak out a chemical warfare scientist.

Special Guest StarJoe Namath as T.J. Sneak. 

90 5 "The Theory of Revolution" Sidney Hayers Burt Pearl,

Steven L. Sears

October 24, 1986 5.05
The A-Team must free three captured American citizens in a far away country, but become part of a revolution in the meantime. 
91 6 "The Say UNCLE Affair" Michael O'Herlihy Terry D. Nelson October 31, 1986 5.06
The A-Team must deal with Stockwell's former partner turned adversary Ivan Trigorin when he kidnaps Stockwell. If they cannot find and free Stockwell in time, they lose any hope of securing their pardon.

Note: David McCallum and Robert Vaughn were the stars of The Man From U.N.C.L.E., to which this episode's title is a reference. 

92 7 "Alive at Five" Craig R. Baxley Bill Nuss November 7, 1986 5.07
Face plans to leave the A-Team during the upcoming mission, no longer believing that they can secure a pardon. Instead he finds himself returning to the team in order to help a reporter after trying to run away numerous times. 
93 8 "Family Reunion" James Darren Steven L. Sears November 14, 1986 5.08
In a special of which the ending was voted on by viewers, the A-Team must help a former political advisor to reunite with his lost daughter in exchange for a diary with large political ramifications. Unbeknownst to Face, the advisor claims to be his father, a fact Murdock learns of during the course of the episode, causing a dilemma for Murdock on whether or not he should tell his friend. 
94 9 "Point of No Return" Bob Bralver Burt Pearl November 18, 1986 5.09
The A-Team travel to Hong Kong after Hannibal goes missing in action during a solo mission. With the assistance of Stockwell, they hope to A) complete Hannibal's mission in time and B) find and save Hannibal himself. 
95 10 "The Crystal Skull" Michael O'Herlihy Bill Nuss November 28, 1986 5.10
The A-Team become mixed up in a fight between two warring tribes concerning a religious artifact they secured for Stockwell. With the artifact in his hands, the tribe mistake Murdock for a god. 
96 11 "The Spy Who Mugged Me" Michael O'Herlihy Paul Bernbaum December 2, 1986 5.11
Murdock must assume the guise of a James Bond-type secret agent named Logan Ross in order to stop a professional assassin known as the Jaguar from completing his next mission. 
97 12 "The Grey Team" Michael O'Herlihy Tom Blomquist December 30, 1986 5.12
The A-Team are called in to retrieve a briefcase housing various faked government secrets, meant to be given to the Soviets. During their mission they come across a group of retiredelderly men and women, to whom the episode's title refers. 
98 13 "Without Reservations" John Peter Kousakis Bill Nuss March 8, 1987 5.13

Face becomes critically injured when a group of mobsters take over the restaurant Murdock works at. Together with Frankie, the three are taken hostage and it is up to Hannibal and B.A. to rescue them in time to save Face's life.

Note: This is the last episode of the series.