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Opening credits[]

  • The opening credits are the same as Season 3, but with scenes from Season 3's Road Games are added. This is the last season to use the opening narration by John Ashley, it has been in use since Season 1.
  • This is the last season with the old A-Team opening and closing themes.
  • Starting with this season, the opening credits read "Dwight Schultz as "Howling Mad" Murdock", instead of "Dwight Schultz".
  • John Ashley became co-executive producer.


Season 4 (1985-1986)[]

No. in series No. in season Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Prod.
63 1 "Judgement Day (Part I)" David Hemmings Frank Lupo September 24, 1985 4.01
Travelling to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from a group of mobsters, the A-Team runs into trouble when they find that the mobsters are quite well prepared on their own territory. Meanwhile, Col. Decker is once again hot on the trail of the team. 
64 2 "Judgement Day (Part II)" David Hemmings Frank Lupo September 24, 1985 4.02
Continuing from the last episode, the A-Team are on their way home, but are followed by the criminals from which they rescued a judge's daughter. They must hold them off till they reach the shores of America, and keep the boat intact while doing so. 
65 3 "Where Is the Monster When You Need Him?" Michael O'Herlihy Stephen J. Cannell October 1, 1985 4.03
When Smith's acting career brings the A-Team to a small Mexican town, they find their movie plans blocked by an Argentinian war criminal wanted by 10 governments hiding out from international authorities. 
66 4 "Lease with an Option to Die" David Hemmings Bill Nuss October 22, 1985 4.04

Chicago building plans are put on hold as the A-Team defends B.A.'s mother against the new building management.

Special Guest StarDella Reese as Mrs. Baracus

67 5 "The Road to Hope" David Hemmings Stephen J. Cannell October 29, 1985 4.05
While avoiding a Decker trap, the A-Team stumble upon an illegal operation that includes knocking off skid-row winos. Hannibal, impersonating a wino calling himself Jim Beam, is abducted. He manages to escape and rejoin the team. Together they set out to expose the secret group by setting up a mission of their own, and run them out of business. What they will find is an operation bigger than they previously imagined. The team needs more help than they realised. 
68 6 "The Heart of Rock n' Roll" Tony Mordente Frank Lupo November 5, 1985 4.06

Rick James asks the A-Team to help old rock-and-roll legend C.J. Mack whose life in prison has suddenly become very dangerous.

Special Guest StarIsaac Hayes as C.J. Mack. 

69 7 "Body Slam" Craig R. Baxley Bill Nuss November 12, 1985 4.07

Hulk Hogan asks his old friend B.A. for the A-Team's help against a mobster who is out to close down the youth center he's financing for no apparent reason. As it turns out, the mobster's father had robbed a gold truck in 1958 and the gold was buried under the ground the youth center is built on.

Special Guest StarHulk Hogan as himself. 

70 8 "Blood, Sweat, and Cheers" Sidney Hayers Tom Blomquist November 19, 1985 4.08

The A-Team is called upon to help a family friend survive his dream of automobile racing. However, in high school, his father and Hannibal were rivals over the family friend's mother.

Special Guest StarWings Hauser as Kyle Ludwig

71 9 "Mind Games" Michael O'Herlihy Stephen J. Cannell November 26, 1985 4.09
A multi-pronged episode, the A-Team must combat a rogue CIA team who are using Templeton Peck as a pawn in a game of international intrigue. 
72 10 "There Goes the Neighborhood" Dennis Donnelly Bill Nuss December 3, 1985 4.10

The A-Team rents a home in a quiet suburban neighborhood while protecting a famous rock starlet. They ruffle the feathers of the local neighborhood watch block captain, an international drug syndicate, and show business moguls.

Trivia: In keeping with the increase in guest stars this season, the rock singer was planned to be played by Cyndi Lauper (Valerie Stevenson played the role). 

73 11 "The Doctor Is Out" David Hemmings Thomas E. Szollosi December 10, 1985 4.11
H. M. Murdock's psychiatrist (Richard Anderson) is kidnapped, and the A-Team heads to South America to bring him back home. 
74 12 "Uncle Buckle-Up" Michael O'Herlihy Danny Lee Cole December 17, 1985 4.12

Hannibal auditions for the role of Ruff the Bear in the show The Uncle Buckle Up Show. There he finds out that Uncle Buckle is in trouble, since someone is using his toys to smuggle heroin.

Featuring Arte Johnson as Sydney/Uncle Buckle-Up. 

75 13 "Wheel of Fortune" David Hemmings Bill Nuss January 14, 1986 4.13

Murdock's fortunes rise and fall as he uses Face's system to win big on Wheel of Fortune. He wins a trip to Hawaii, but then is kidnapped by people who claim to be CIA, but turn out to be criminals.

Guest starring Pat Sajak and Vanna White as themselves. 

76 14 "The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is Coming" David Hemmings Steve Beers January 21, 1986 4.14
The A-Team works with an old Russian friend to prevent World War III when a rogue Soviet general, known as "Ivan the Terrible" for atrocities he committed in Vietnam, attempts to steal a top-secret satellite system. 
77 15 "Members Only" Tony Mordente Bill Nuss January 28, 1986 4.15

Face joins a trendy country club, only to find there is a counterfeit money operation on the premises.

Special Guest StarsCarole Cook as Mrs. PrescottShecky Greene as himself, and Kevin McCarthy as Bob McKeever

78 16 "Cowboy George" Tony Mordente Stephen J. Cannell February 11, 1986 4.16

Face books Boy George instead of Cowboy George, to sing at a country and western bar near an oil pipeline; to keep the locals happy, Hannibal pretends to be Cowboy George. Boy George assists the team.

Special Guest StarBoy George as himself. (Amusingly, the end credits list each individual member of Culture Club as playing "Culture Club," e.g. "Jon Moss as Culture Club.") 

79 17 "Waiting for Insane Wayne" Craig R. Baxley Stephen J. Cannell,

Frank Lupo

February 18, 1986 4.17

Through a mix-up, the A-Team learns a homesteader is being run off his property. The A-Team must fight Insane Wayne and the other mercenaries to help protect the homesteader's young son.

Special Guest StarBarry Corbin as Kincaid. 

80 18 "The Duke of Whispering Pines" Sidney Hayers Jayne C. Ehrlich February 25, 1986 4.18
B.A.'s old high-school flame calls the A-Team to help find her husband, a commodities expert; finding him requires going up against a corrupt sheriff, bankers, and very impolite 'miners'. 
81 19 "Beneath the Surface" Michael O'Herlihy Danny Lee Cole (teleplay)
Lloyd J. Schwartz (story)
March 4, 1986 4.19
Face returns to his orphanage for a reunion and meets an old friend's sister, who's worried about her brother's disappearance, and an old girlfriend, who is in cahoots with Fulbright to trap Face for the reward. While running away from the army, they have to find the missing brother. 
82 20 "Mission of Peace" Craig R. Baxley Steven L. Sears,

Burt Pearl

March 11, 1986 4.20
Senior citizens hire the A-Team to protect their historic Texas mission home and tourist attraction from land developers who want to destroy everything and run them off their land. 
83 21 "The Trouble with Harry" David Hemmings Bull Nuss March 25, 1986 4.21

A washed-up boxer goes up against old enemies. The A-Team helps his son, a regular at B.A.'s youth center, fight off two different troublemakers. Face and H.M. wish they hadn't answered their phone.

Special Guest StarsHulk Hogan and William Perry as themselves. 

84 22 "A Little Town With an Accent" Michael O'Herlihy Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

May 6, 1986 4.22
An old mafia don knocks over gasoline stations in a bucolic highway town to keep busy in his old age; the A-Team helps the sheriff lock up half the nation's organized crime bosses. 
85 23 "The Sound of Thunder" Michael O'Herlihy Frank Lupo May 13, 1986 4.23

General Fulbright—who has been chasing the team—comes to them for help. He wants the team to find and free a group of Vietnam POWs, that supposedly includes the only officer that can clear their names. During the job Fulbright finds out that Murdock is part of the A-Team, but during their narrow escape under fire Fulbright is killed by Vietnamese troops before telling anyone else.

The episode guest-stars Tia Carrere as Fulbright's heretofore unknown half-Vietnamese daughter.