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Season 2 started airing in September of 1983 and ran until May of 1984. The internal chronology of the season is uncertain; many of the events of the first season took place in 1977-78, and all that's known about this season is that many of its episodes took place in the eighties.[1]

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The A-Team continued to be based in Los Angeles. Colonel Lynch was no longer chasing them, but Colonel Decker took over the pursuit. Amy Allen left.

Opening credits[]

Version 1 was Melinda Culea's final season.

Version 2[]


Season 2 (1983-1984)[]

No. in series No. in season Title Director Written by Original air date Prod.
15 1 "Diamonds 'n Dust" Ron Satlof Patrick Hasburgh September 20, 1983 2.01
The daughter of a murdered mine owner hires the A-Team to help her with her inherited diamond mine in South Africa. In order to get the mine up and running, the A-Team must transport dynamite to it, but they are opposed by a ruthless businessman and his henchmen. 
16 2 "Recipe for Heavy Bread" Bernard McEveety Stephen J. Cannell September 23, 1983 2.02

When the A-Team come across an old Vietnamese cook that they recognize as the man that helped them survive captivity in a POW camp during the war, they must help him against the camp’s brutal commander who now seeks revenge for their escape. They also discover that a US traitor in the POW camp is now the general's partner in a heroin smuggling operation.

Special Guest StarMako as Lin Duk Coo 

17 3 "The Only Church in Town" Christian I. Nyby II Babs Greyhosky October 11, 1983 2.03

Face receives his old fraternity pin in the mail, to him a sign that an old girlfriend of his is in trouble. Unable to convince the others to help him, Face must hire the A-Team to track the woman down to Ecuador, where she has become a nun. His fears turn out to be justified when they learn she and the rest of the convent are being held prisoner by a group of wanted bandits.

Special Guest StarMarkie Post as Leslie Bektall 

18 4 "Bad Time on the Border" Bruce Kessler Richard Christian Matheson & Thomas E. Szollosi October 18, 1983 2.04
A young girl appears at B.A.'s youth center and he discovers that she has escaped from a group of people smugglers who are holding her ill mother and others captive before transporting them into America as slave labor in a clothing sweatshop. The A-Team go to the rescue, but when Hannibal goes undercover and is captured, the others must race to save both him and the girl’s mother. 
19 5 "When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (Part I)" Christian I. Nyby II Frank Lupo October 25, 1983 2.05

A new Military Police pursuer is introduced in the form of Col. Roderick Decker ([[[Lance LeGault]]] in his first appearance in the role), and he will stop at nothing to apprehend the A-Team. Meanwhile, the team is hired by a native American from the Midwest to protect a herd of wild mustangs from being slaughtered.

Special Guest StarMorgan Woodward as Bus Carter 

20 6 "When You Comin' Back Range Rider? (Part II)" Christian I. Nyby II Frank Lupo October 25, 1983 2.06

With Decker hot on their heels, the A-Team must try to find of evidence of the mustangs’ illegal rustling as quickly as possible, before they are captured themselves. With enemies coming from two sides, it is ultimately up to Murdock to save his friends.

Special Guest StarMorgan Woodward as Bus Carter

21 7 "The Taxicab Wars" Gilbert M. Shilton Stephen J. Cannell November 1, 1983 2.07
A small cab company is faced with an overzealous competing business that will stop at nothing to see their opposition destroyed. The A-Team is hired by the company and become involved with a war between cab companies on the streets of Los Angeles. 
22 8 "Labor Pains" Arnold Laven Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

November 8, 1983 2.08

Narrowly escaping Decker once more, the A-Team hide in a small town, only to find that a group of itinerant workers are being exploited by a malignant landowner. The A-Team step in to help, and encourage the workers to form a union.

Special Guest StarJohn Vernon as Ted Jarrett 

23 9 "There's Always a Catch" Ron Satlof Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

November 22, 1983 2.09
Hotly pursued by Decker, the team seek medical help for B.A. in the hospital of a fishing town. While there they meet a family who tell them of a man extorting the fishermen of the town and causing depletion of the lobster beds. The team decide to help the town out, but need to go to great lengths to avoid the clutches of Decker. 
24 10 "Water, Water Everywhere" Sidney Hayers Jo Swerling, Jr. and Sidney Ellis (teleplay),

Sidney Ellis (story)

November 29, 1983 2.10
Three partially disabled Vietnam War veterans (one played by wheelchair athlete Jim Knaub) attempt to establish a hotel in a small desert town. Their property impacts access to a waterbore for a wealthy local rancher who tries to run them out of town. The trio tell Murdock of their plight at the VA Hospital, and the A-Team volunteer their services to come to their aid. 
25 11 "Steel" Gilbert M. Shilton Frank Lupo December 6, 1983 2.11

The A-Team are hired by a construction company who become involved in a turf battle with a larger opposition company over the demolition of an old high-rise building. Things become far more serious when they realise the opposition are backed by a big-time mobster who buried his partner in the foundations years before.

26 12 "The White Ballot" Dennis Donnelly Jeff Ray December 13, 1983 2.12

A journalist friend of Amy tells her of a corrupt sheriff in his small hometown who has threatened him about reporting on the town's problems. The A-Team agree to intervene and Face poses as a returning local war hero in order to run for sheriff in an upcoming election. Things get more complex when Decker sees Face's photograph on the wire and comes in pursuit. This was the last appearance of Amy.

Special Guest StarClifton James as Sheriff Dawson

27 13 "The Maltese Cow" Dennis Donnelly Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

January 3, 1984 2.13
A Chinese tong looking to expand their business in LA try to raise money by running a protection racket on local businesses. One of their targets is a Vietnamese friend of The A-Team, whose restaurant the team part own. The A-Team step into help, but along the way must deal with the tong targeting their friend's family and a brush with the LAPD. 
28 14 "In Plane Sight" Tony Mordente Babs Greyhosky January 10, 1984 2.14
When a courier pilot crash lands in Venezuela he is found to be smuggling cocaine and is imprisoned. Convinced of his innocence, his family hire The A-Team to seek out those behind the operation both in the US and South America. The team must deal with both the Federales and the international drug lord behind the operation in their investigations. 
29 15 "The Battle of Bel Air" Gilbert M. Shilton Frank Lupo January 17, 1984 2.15
A reporter friend of Amy, Tawnia Baker, moonlights as a clerk in a major security firm and discovers that Decker is about to pounce on The A-Team. She comes to warn them, but in the process some corrupt heads in the company suspect she has stumbled on their plans to murder one of their clients, a major oil-sheikh, and come in pursuit of her. The team inadvertently take on the job of saving both Baker and the sheikh. 
30 16 "Say It With Bullets" Dennis Donnelly Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

January 31, 1984 2.16

The A-Team are hired by a servicewoman whose brother has been killed by a corrupt officer selling army weapons on the black market. When she doublecrosses the team in exchange for Decker’s promise to put away the guilty officer, The A-Team are forced to take on both the arms' traders and an entire army base.

Special Guest StarMonte Markham as Mason Harnett

31 17 "Pure-Dee Poison" Dennis Donnelly Allan Cole,

Chris Buch

February 7, 1984 2.17

A small town preacher takes on an illegal moonshine operation which is causing sickness and death amongst the district’s population. When the moonshine operators target the preacher for his efforts, he hires The A-Team to come in and help shut the operation down.

Special Guest StarBo Hopkins as Charlie Drew

32 18 "It's a Desert Out There" Arnold Laven Bruce Cervi February 14, 1984 2.18
When some elderly patrons of a small time casino just over the Nevada border are robbed by bandits as they return to Los Angeles, they hire The A-Team to track the offenders down. The team discover that the bandits intend to murder their now imprisoned former leader while en route to LA to testify against them, and intervene to attempt to prevent the hit and capture the bandits. 
33 19 "Chopping Spree" Michael O'Herlihy Stephen Katz February 21, 1984 2.19

When an acquaintance of B.A.'s working as a parking valet is accused of being involved in a car theft racket, The A-Team step in to help break it up. However B.A.'s van is inadvertently stolen as part of the operation, so the race is on to get to the bottom of the racket and recover the van before it is cut up for spare parts.

Special Guest StarDennis Franz as Sam Friendly

34 20 "Harder Than It Looks" Ivan Dixon Babs Greyhosky February 21, 1984 2.20
The A-Team are hired by a wealthy businessman to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped by a group of terrorists who are now demanding a large ransom. Hannibal assures the team that the job will be "a piece of cake", but things turn out harder than they look when they find that the girl is reluctant to be saved because her boyfriend is one of the kidnappers, and her father only wants her saved to maintain his public appearance. 
35 21 "Deadly Maneuvers" Mike Vejar Richard Christian Matheson,

Thomas E. Szollosi

February 28, 1984 2.21

Concerned that the team's work has been becoming sloppy, Hannibal leads them on a series of training manoeuvres. However a collection of wealthy individuals that have suffered as a result of The A-Team's interference hire four highly skilled mercenaries in order to take The A-Team out in retribution, and they strike whilst the team is off guard.

Special Guest StarEd Lauter as Major Douglas Kyle

36 22 "Semi-Friendly Persuasion" Craig R. Baxley Danny Lee Cole May 8, 1984 2.22

A pacifist religious community is intimidated by a group of small town bullies who want to run them off their land, an experience they have faced elsewhere. Tired of running, one of the community seeks the help of The A-Team. In contrast to their usual methods, The A-Team must try to deal with the thugs while adhering to the non-violent beliefs of the community.

Special Guest StarGeoffrey Lewis as Kale Sykes

37 23 "Curtain Call" Dennis Donnelly Stephen Katz May 15, 1984 2.23
While finishing up a job in an isolated town, and with Decker in hot pursuit, Murdock is shot by one of the perpetrators. The A-Team must try to treat the ailing Murdock as the army rapidly closes the net on them. This second season finale is a partial clip show episode. 


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