"Say It with Bullets" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of The A-Team.


An army corporal poses as a client to lure the A-Team into Decker's trap. The team takes the bait and sneaks onto an army base, where Decker's troops are waiting for them.

Notable OrganizationsEdit

United States Army


Colonel Roderick Decker

Lieutenant Mason Harnett


Corporal Charlotte Brown


B.A. - Sergeant Barker

Face - Lieutenant Parks

Hannibal - German Dinosaur Artist
Hannibal - Colonel Harrison Swift

Notable LocationsEdit

Los Angeles

Memorable QuotesEdit

Lefleur: That guest house is the pride of this base. I'm not letting anybody shoot it up. Don't even think about it, Decker.
Decker smirks.
Lefleur: Don't!
Decker walks away.

Murdock: Book 'em, Danno!
(The Hawaii Five-Oh musical sting plays.)


Tawnia was working alongside the team again in this episode, with almost no introduction.

Guest starring/Recurring castEdit

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