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Russell Morrison
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Full Name:
First appearance:
Last appearance:
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (2010) film
TV Episodes
appeared in:
Portrayed by: Gerald McRaney
Character Information
Gender Male
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian
Height: 6' 1" (1,85m)
Occupation The A-Team
U.S. Army
Brock Pike
Military Rank: General

General Russell Morrison, also known as "Russ" and "the Arab" was an Army General and long time friend of Hannibal. He trained Hannibal and taught him everything he knows. He was portrayed by Gerald McRaney.


The Iraq/Baghdad Incident[]

Morrison ran the military base in Iraq that the A-Team was at a week after troops were withdrawn from Baghdad. Hannibal met with Lynch who gave him an assignment to retrieve U.S. Treasury plates that could be used to counterfeit money so that it wouldn't be smuggled out of Baghdad. Hannibal met with Morrison afterwards and asked for permission to take part in the mission. At first, Morrison was highly against the idea because they were ordered to stay out of Baghdad. He told Hannibal, "Good hunting, my friend" and reluctantly gave Hannibal permission to carry out the mission. Before the A-Team left to carry out the mission, Morrison wished them luck. Afterwards, Captain Charissa Sosa questioned him about the A-Team's whereabouts. Sosa realized that Morrison sent the A-Team into Baghdad, violating a direct D.O.D. order. While the A-Team was on the way back to the base after successfully retrieving the plates, Lynch was in Kabul, Afghanistan, keeping track of General Morrison and was aware of the plates' arrival. General Morrison died in a car explosion and Brock Pike escaped with the plates. Since Morrison died and there was no evidence of the A-Team working under orders, the A-Team was court-martialed and Sosa was demoted to First Lieutenant since she lost the plates.

Betraying the A-Team[]

Six months later, while Hannibal was at the Army Confinement Facility in Fort Carson, Colorado, Lynch showed Hannibal a picture of Pike with "the Arab" in Frankfurt, Germany. Later on, at the Konigsbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, Pike and "the Arab" were in a room with the plates. B. A. disguised as a window cleaner and Murdock caught "the Arab's" parachute with his helicopter. B. A. retrieved the case containing the plates.

The A-Team members were later at a cabin with "the Arab" held captive. Hannibal knew that it was Morrison who stole the plates. Hannibal unmasked "the Arab" and revealed that it was General Morrison, who had faked his own death. Face was very angered by this. In the extended version of the film, the other A-Team members talked Face into sparing Morrison rather than killing him because he was the only proof of their innocence. Morrison was working with Pike to double-cross Lynch like he did the A-Team because Lynch was going to cut both Pike and Morrison out of the deal. Hannibal asked Lynch if he knew Morrison was "the Arab" and he also asked for amnesty for the team. Lynch told Hannibal that he needed five minutes. Hannibal told Morrison to tell the authorites that they're innocent. Lynch launched an air strike on the cabin, which killed Morrison, but the A-Team escaped.[1]



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