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Colonel Roderick Decker was a recurring character on the NBC-TV series The A-Team who appeared in 20 episodes throughout the series' run, Seasons 2-5. The part of Decker is played on the series by veteran character actor Lance LeGault.

About Decker[]

Colonel Decker was the best troubleshooter the U.S. army had in two wars, but then extreme political pressures similar to those that resulted in the A-Team's trial resulted in his career being stalled. He was given an opportunity to rehabilitate himself by bringing in the A-Team by any means necessary.

Decker and Hannibal have had a bit of a tenuous past together. During the Vietnam War, the two mixed it up once in the Doom Club (the Da Nang officers' open mess) over the fact that Decker blew up Cong hospitals.

Memorable Quotes[]

Col. Roderick Decker: It seems the very methods that made me an embarrassment and shuffled me off to the side are the exact reasons I'm being considered for this job.[1]

Col. Roderick Decker: Hurry up! Get after him! The one who catches him keeps his rank![2]

Templeton Faceman Peck: Who in the world is this guy? Sure isn't Lynch!
John Hannibal Smith: I dunno, but it's gonna be fun finding out, huh?[3]

Hannibal Smith: I didn't like the way he blew up Cong hospitals like a favorite sport.[4]

B.A. Baracus: The man's as crazy as you are, Hannibal![5]