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Robert Francis Vaughn (November 22, 1932 - November 11, 2016) appeared as Hunt Stockwell, a retired general and CIA operative in the final season of the NBC-TV series The A-Team. A versatile and extremely talented lead and character actor. Robert's venerable acting career on the stage, film and TV lasted for nearly seven decades.


Robert is best known to TV viewers for his role as suave spy Napoleon Soloon the 1960's CBS-TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and for his roles in the Law & Order TV series franchise. He is also known for playing Attorney Carl Anderton in Law & Order Season 8 episodes "Burned", "Bad Girl", and "Monster". He also appeared as Tate Speer in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit eighth season episode "Clock". He also made a villainous performance as Ross Webster in Superman III, and most recently in the hit British drama series, Hustle (2004-12) while continuing to be a popular television actor.

Personal life[]

In his memoir, A Fortunate Life, Vaughn recalls watching his good friend Jack Nicholson stumble his way through a scene of Bus Stop in a mid-1950s acting class without the "confidence" to carry it off. "Nicholson declared, 'Vaughnie, I'm going to give myself two more years in this business. Then I'm going to look for another way to make a living.' 'Hang in there, Jack,' Vaughn told him. 'You're too young to quit.'"

Vaughn married actress Linda Staab in 1974. They appeared together in a 1973 episode of the TV series The Protectors, called "It Could Be Practically Anywhere on the Island", in which Staab played a ditzy American whose dog was stolen; eventually Vaughn's character, Harry Rule, found the dog. They adopted two children, Cassidy (born 1976) and Caitlin (born 1981). They resided in Ridgefield, Connecticut.[1]


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