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An old friend from their P.O.W. days is in trouble, and the A-Team springs into action to save him from mutual old enemies.

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At a Restaurant where Face often has dinner he, and the team sit and watch to see if Lin Duk Coo (Mako), a Cook from the Prison Camp in Vietnam for which they were POW'S is working there. Face thought he recognized Lin from a previous visit. One convincing fact being the bread that Lin had made. The team has fond memories of Lin, especially Murdock, who seems to have been the closest to him.

As they continue to talk about Lin,a Cook comes from the kitchen rolling a tray of food when all eyes turn towards him.The Man though older looks like Lin.To find out for sure B.A. calls out to him calling him Lin.In reaction, as if in a panic the Cook runs out the back door while screaming "I yi,yi", an expression that Murdock had taught Lin while in the Prison Camp. Convinced now that it is Lin,the team pursue him out the back door,into the Parking Lot.

Before they can have a reunion, two men with guns fire warning shots into the air telling everybody to get down on the ground.They then force Lin at gunpoint to go with them.The Team(not surprisingly) follow at a distreat distance,in their Van.They finally arrive at a Warehouse called Angel's Bakery. Not knowing what's going on,the team will be extra causious.Hannibal,and B.A. will enter from different sides. Face, and Murdock will cover from the outside,and Amy will ready the Van for a quick getaway.

Hannibal and B.A. both manage to rescue Lin from the Warehouse. Face, covering from the outside, mananges to steal one of their Bakery trucks in the getaway. Murdock fires the pursuing car coming after them,and signaling Amy,gets away. The all drive into a garage where they then take refuge inside a swanky hotel room belonging to a Mr.Tony, who on vacation.Face is borrowing the suite, and his identity while Mr.Tony is on vacation.

As they are sitting, Lin precedes to tell the team how he came to be in the country,and why those men wanted him dead. General Chow who had been the Prison Camp Commander(the Commander who also tortured the prisoners)had sent Lin to the United States to deliver a message to a Mr.Anderson.To Lin's shock the man turned out to be Lieutenant Thomas Angel, a Navy Lieutenant.The A-Team remembers Angel very well, and not in a good way.

This Navy Lieutenant had collaborated with the enemy, and may have caused many of his fellow POW'S to suffer, and/or die.After Lin delivers the message he overhears Angel,and his men talking about killing him.Lin then disappears, and find work at the Restaurant,where Face had spotted him.Lin does not know know why they wanted to kill him. While the team,and Lin are trying to figure this out, Tom Anderson a.k.a. Thomas Angel is meeting with the former Camp Commandant General Chow. These two, former prisoner of war and Commandant, are now partners in the drug selling, and distribution business.

Chow has crops to turn them into powder, and Angel has the best distribution pipeline to sell the drugs (profits split evenly). A well planned partnership that could reap benefits for both. However Chow is unhappy that Lin Duk Coo had escaped.Chow wanted revenge on Lin because somehow he found out that Lin Duk Coo had helped POW'S. Lin who is not political had snucked many POW'S food while Chow was starving the prisoners.Lin had also helped the prisoners escape from the Generals Concentration Camp as he calls it.

For this reason, the General wants Lin dead, before any wholesale distribution can be set up.The A-Team learns a little more about Tom Angel,from information Amy had gathered from a source on her Newspaper.Thomas Anderson is the son of a well known Mobster, Thomas Anderson, Sr., who is semi-retired. Thomas, Jr., took over the Family business,and changed his name to Angel(likely as a cover). There is no evidence linking him with any criminal activities. However that will change, as Hannibal has a plan. Amy also found out that Anderson loves playing Golf. He plays every afternoon at a particular Golf course,with two of his bodyguards.

Hannibal disguised as a golf caddy gets the drop on Angel, and one of his bodyguards,while Face, and Murdock does the same on the other bodyguard.They take Angel to a private area to talk. At first, it looks as though the team wants to get even for his collaboration with Chow, by burying him in an already dugged grave,by pushing him into it.But,it is really information that they want.

Angel tries to make a deal with them:a million dollars for the truck that they took,and for Lin Duk Coo. Hannibal says no deal,but he would be inclined to a differant trade:Angels life for Chow's life. Angel pretends that he does'nt know where Chow is,but Hannibal knows that he does. Lin informed him of that fact. Hannibal will give him until tonight.Angel gives him his phone number to call,and set up the meeting.

Hannibal became suspicious when Angel offered them a million dollars for Lin,and the truck,so he figured there are some drugs stashed in among the bread. This fact proves true when Amy accidently discovered the dope. Tearing open the plastic bag,Hannibal carefully tastes it,and found it to be heroin,or as it is called in Asia (China White).

Hannibal calls Angel to tell him of his discovery,and to bring Chow at the arranged meeting place.They will trade the dope for Chow.Hannibals plan is to catch both Angel, and Chow with the incriminating evidence to turn them both over to the Police. But,what Hannibal did not know while talking to Angel was that he was secretly recording their conversation hoping to pinpoint the location.

The plan worked! They now know where the team,and Lin are located,and will plan a surprise for them.Hannibals plan to which some of the china white with sugar(as a quick devertion)then have B.A.and Face fit inside the Bakery truck with armor piercing elevator doors (for protection) when they make their escape.Hannibal also puts guns inside two loaves of bread in case as an extra precaution.Now they rest up before the trade off.Before they get a chance to however a helicopter appears, and starts firing at them.Nobody is hurt,but now they have to get to the garage. Hannibal, Face,and B.A. will go.Murdock,Amy,and Lin will go to the Roof.

Before they get to the garage, However, Angel's men gets the drop on the team. The other however gets the drop on Chow who was sitting in the helicopter,and the pilot both of whom they knock unconscience.As they commendeer the helicopter the the other team members are takened to the garage. And,just as Hannibal planned his scheme with the sugar, and bread, actually works! They subdue Angel, and his men, locks them in the Bakery truck with the drugs,and disappear before the Police (who was called after the warning shots fired in the hallway by Angels henchmen) arrives.

Good news ties this episode up nicely. A colleague at Amy's Newspaper with some influence has arranged to have Lin become an American Citizen with Diplomatic Immunity.Choked up Lin can bearly hold back tears.He thanks the A-Team for saving his life. "No," says Hannibal, "You saved our lives". Furthermore, Tom Angel, his henchmen, and Chow are all arrested for attempting to distribute drugs,and attempted murder.And,in a final note Hannibal opens up one of Lin's fortune cookies which says "I love it when a plan comes together!!".


Thomas Anderson
General Chow




Face - Mister Toney, interior designer

Notable Locations

Los Angeles

Memorable Quotes

Lin Duk Coo: The colonel love it when plan come together.


Amy had a little more to do in this episode than she sometimes did. She drove B.A.'s van to Face's apartment when the team had to leave it behind, and she served them tea once she got there. She telephoned someone who told her that the bad guy's hobby was playing golf. At one point she held a gun on Thomas Anderson (though she looked terrified doing it). Later, she helped Lin Duk Coo bake bread. She knocked out General Chow with a rifle butt to the head. Finally, she arranged for Lin Duk Coo to have an interview with the Courier Express and then speak with the American government officials in order to be able to stay in the United States.

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