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Quarterback Sneak is the fourth episode of the fifth season of The A-Team.


The A-Team travel to East-Germany under the pretense of a football team in order to sneak out a chemical warfare scientist. Special Guest Star: Joe Namath as T.J. Sneak.

Episode summary[]

The team stages an exposition football game in East Berlin to cover their rescue of an East German scientist and his wife who wish to defect.


  • This episode has a possible reference to the 1960s spy series, "The Prisoner."
  • Murdock decides he is undersear inspector # 6 for some reason, and continually refers to himself as "Six" or "Number Six." Later on he attempts to place a phone call to "Number One," who he appears to think is in charge. At one point he is attacked, and says to his asailant, "Are you Number Two?"
  • Face does not speak German. The only German he knows is a dirty joke about a traveling salesman, and he says he doesn't even understand the punchline. ("As you can see, I did nothing with the farmer's daughter. I can still play the piano!")
  • BA had a football scholarship to college, but his rival (Joe Namath) tore it up, forcing BA to enlist in the Army and ending up in Vietnam.