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When the little brother of an old friend of B.A. needs help, Hannibal, Murdock, and B.A. arrange to be arrested and sent to prison.

Notable Organizations[]

Los Angeles Courier Express


Warden Beale


Joey Tataro, the little brother of Jase Tataro


Face - Dr. Dwight Pepper, author and doctor of psychology

Hannibal - hollywood agent

Notable Locations[]

Strikersville Prison (Strikersville, Florida)

Guest starring[]

  • Clifton James as Warden Beale
  • William Smith as Jase Tataro
  • Paul Koslo as Deputy Sneed
  • Red West as Lt. Trask
  • Hugh Gillin as Sheriff
  • Ken Norton as Jackhammer Jackson
  • Meeno Peluce as Joey
  • Elsa Raven as Dr. Marian Ericson
  • Michael Greene as Deke
  • Phil Proctor as André