Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lynch succeeds in capturing the A-Team. An official from the State Department offers to help them escape in exchange for preventing the Soviets from getting defense secrets from a captured general.

Notable Organizations[edit | edit source]

United States State Department

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Colonel Lynch

Clients[edit | edit source]


Mr. Perry, United States State Department

Aliases[edit | edit source]

Hannibal - Lynch (stage name)

Murdock - Tom the pastry delivery man

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Los Angeles

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

H.M. Murdock: No, wait a minute. You can't come.
Amy Amanda Allen: Just get in the plane. We'll talk about what I can't do later.
H.M. Murdock: But, you can't...
Amy Amanda Allen: Murdock, I said get in the plane!
H.M. Murdock: I love it when you're angry.

H.M Murdock: [starting a helicopter] B.A., will you get in?
B.A. Baracus: No, I ain't gonna fly!
General Ludlam: Is he kidding!?
Col. John Hannibal Smith: He's afraid to fly.
[Ludlam knocks out B.A.]
Col. John Hannibal Smith: Didn't know you had it in you, General!
General Ludlam: I've been waiting a long time for that.

Lynch's aide: Excuse me, we're looking for an actor named Lynch.

Col. Lynch : His real name is Hannibal Smith. he's using Lynch as an alias.

Comments[edit | edit source]

The twenty-ish hour flight from Los Angeles to Borneo is treated as almost instantaneous. No explanation is given as to how Murdock and Amy get back to L.A.

Amy had a rare heroic moment in this episode. Face was facing a firing squad, and tried unsuccessfully to ignite a pool of gasoline with a cigarette. Amy shot it with a flare gun, causing an explosion and saving Face's life.

Even though the episode was first broadcast in 1983 it took place in 1978.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?, where Decker said it took place three months after December 3, 1977

Guest starring[edit | edit source]

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