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"Mexican Slayride" is the premiere episode of The A-Team. It was initially aired as one two hour-long episode, but has been split into two in syndication.


Part 1[]

In the town of San Rio Blanco, reporter Al Massey is kidnapped by a group of bandits led by Malavida Valdez.

After learning of the disappearance, reporter Amy Allen seeks assistance from The A-Team.

Hannibal, on a film set as The Aquamaniac, is informed by Face that Colonel Francis Lynch is right on their trail. B.A. drives them away from the set and they are chased by military police, finally losing the tail when Hannibal tricks Lynch into driving into an artificial river.

Hannibal calls Murdock to warn him about Lynch. Amy has been meeting with Murdock and he informs Hannibal of her. Murdock relays information to Amy from Hannibal to meet up with a contact who will put her through to the A-Team.

Lynch meets with Murdock, who puts on a particularly insane act for Lynch, who unsuccessfully attempts to get information about the A-Team from him.

Amy meets with Hannibal – who is disguised as a bum – in a back alley. She gives him money for his troubles and he goes to his car, happily approving of her generosity.

In the morning, Hannibal – now disguised as Mr. Lee – scolds her for parking right in front of his shop. He tells her the terms for hiring the A-Team and she leaves.

As Face – disguised as a priest – visits with Father Magill and B.A. repairs a skateboard for a group of boys, Hannibal calls into a radio program, leaving a coded message for them, informing them of the details of their mission.

Face gets Murdock out of the hospital while Hannibal and B.A. meet with Amy, bringing her with them to leave for Mexico. As they drive away, Lynch's men perform surveillance on them.

Face and Murdock – disguised as Jo Bob Jamison and Buster Hawthorne – to make an arrangement to procure a plane. On the way to the airport, Hannibal drugs B.A. so that they can board the plane. B.A. angrily realizes what Hannibal is up to and punches him before passing out.

Lynch follows the team and Amy to the airport as Murdock taxis the plane. They board and manage to take off just in time, getting away. During the flight, Amy reveals she does not have the money Hannibal asked of her for the job, but promises she will provide the rest upon their return.

Part 2[]

The A-Team and Amy arrive in Mexico; Hannibal assigns jobs to each of them after B.A. comes to, not realizing he was drugged.

To find a hotel, Face poses as a 20th Century Fox producer with Murdock in tow, while Hannibal takes B.A. and Amy to a bar possessing a phone number found in Massey's notes. Hannibal enters with Amy, asking the patrons for Manny Cortez. However, they are met with resistance, prompting Hannibal to summon B.A., a fight soon breaking out, ending in Hannibal, B.A., and Amy restrained. Despite this, they meet Manny Cortez, who decides to assist them in recovering Massey.

At the hotel procured by Face and Murdock, the A-Team, Amy, and Manny plan their rescue. Face and Amy, under the guise of film producers, arrange for a crop duster and a bus. Fully-equipped, they set out for San Rio Blanco, where Manny drums up support from local citizens fed up with the bandits. The Team makes preparations, with Murdock using the crop duster to poison the bandits' crops, also allowing Face to drop taunting flyers.

The bandits arrive in town, prompting an ambush by the A-Team, which leads to a full-out gunfight when Valdez refuses to hand over Massey. With the exception of the airborne Face and Murdock, the A-Team and allies are forced to surrender when guerrilla forces led by Colonel Flores arrive to assist the bandits.

The guerrillas interrogate Hannibal, who does not budge, instead giving a warning to them that their days are numbered. Meanwhile, Face and Murdock, again as film producers, attempt to gain the means to counterattack the guerrillas.

To escape imprisonment, Hannibal poses as a delirious man, tricking a guard into opening the cell. After incapacitating him, Hannibal, B.A., Amy, and Manny commandeer a truck, with Massey in tow. The bandits and guerrillas are alerted and pursue them. As they begin running out of gas, Face and Murdock arrive in a helicopter. The local uprising joins them to help defeat the bandits and allow the A-Team to pursue Valdez and Flores, bringing them back to the citizens.

Amy offers an ultimatum to the team: either allow her to support the A-Team in an official capacity, or she publishes a book on the team. With her help, B.A. is put to sleep en route to the airport, where Colonel Lynch waits. Hannibal knocks him out and puts him in the trunk of the car before they board the airplane, with Amy officially welcomed into the fold.



Guest Starring[]

  • William Lucking as Col. Lynch
  • Philip Sterling as Grant Eldridge
  • Sergio Calderón as Malavida Valdez
  • Ron Palillo as Zack
  • Melody Anderson as Avon
  • William Windom as Al Massey


  • Enrique Lucero as Flores
  • Felix Gonzales as Miguel Perez
  • William Marquez as Sanchez
  • Jorge Zepeda as Manny Cortez
  • Peter Brocco as Father David Magill
  • Marianne Muellerleile as Nurse Schneider
  • J. Patrick Mc Namara as Director Jerry
  • James Beach as Aide
  • Keland Love as Floyd
  • Brandon Williams as Kid
  • Arnold Turner as Assistant Director
  • Humberto Elizondo as Carlos
  • Miguel Ángel Fuentes as Quintana