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Maggie "Mo" Sullivan
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Dr. Sullivan (Tricia O'Neil) tends to a sick by contaminated milk Hannibal with Tawnia (Marla Heasley, left) in an episode of the NBC-TV series "The A-Team".
Full Name: Dr. Margaret Sullivan, M.D.
Nickname/Alias: "Mo", Maggie
First appearance: "Black Day at Bad Rock" (Season 1)
Last appearance: "Deadly Maneuvers" (Season 2)
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (TV Series)
TV Episodes
appeared in:
2 episodes
Portrayed by: Tricia O'Neil
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality/Race: American/Caucasian (White)
Occupation Medical Doctor
Family None mentioned

Dr. Maggie Sullivan was a character who first appeared in the Season 1 episode of the NBC-TV series The A-Team, in the episode titled Black Day at Bad Rock; she would also later appear in the Season 2 episode "Deadly Maneuvers". The part of Dr. Sullivan is played in the two episodes by Tricia O'Neil.

About Dr. Sullivan[]

Dr. Sullivan was a captain in the Vietnam War. She lived in Bad Rock, where she worked as a local physician. She was on a first name basis with the local sheriff.

When she was searching Hannibal for weapons she seemed to be enjoying it, and smiled at him. After he kissed her before saying good-bye she responded enthusiastically.

She was armed, and participated in the defence of Bad Rock against the Barbarians Motorcycle Gang.[1]

When Hannibal had been poisoned and the rest of the team captured, he had Tawnia fetch Mo.[2]