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Lynch's secretary appears in The A-Team movie. She was Lynch's beautiful secretary and assistant. The part of the secretary is played in the film by Natalie James.

Lynch's Secretary informing Agent Lynch of Sosa's phone call


She informs Lynch when Sosa calls to investigate him. As she is walking out of the room, the camera focuses on her bottom in her tight fitting dress. Lynch sarcastically says that she has a "fantastic... Personality" although he really thought that she had a fantastic bottom. Lynch's secretary flips him off as she leaves for making the indecent remark.


Lynch's secretary was a very pretty, young woman whith black hair, brown eyes and had glasses. She dressed in a button up shirt, wore a tight dress, and had a large bottom (which is the main reason Lynch hired her).

Lynch's secretary's bottom in her tight fitting dress.


She was a skilled secretary but she did not like it when Lynch made sarcastic comments about her. In fact, when he said "She's got a fantastic... Personality." while he really meant her bottom, she flipped him off.