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Lin Duk Coo
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Hannibal and the team manage to rescue old friend Lin Duk Coo (Mako, right) in the episode "Recipe for Heavy Bread" in Season 2 of NBC-TV's "The A-Team" series.
Full Name: Same as above
Nickname/Alias: None mentioned
First appearance: "Recipe for Heavy Bread" (Season 2)
Last appearance: N/A, one time appearance
Appeared on/in: The A-Team
TV Episodes
appeared in:
1 episode
Portrayed by: Mako in Guest appearance
Character Information
Gender Male
Nationality/Race: Vietnamese-American/Asian
Occupation Pastry Chef, former Prison Camp cook at the camp where the A-Team was held as POWs, and who they became good friends with during the Vietnam War
Family None mentioned

Lin Duk Coo is a character who appears in the Season 2 episode, "Recipe for Heavy Bread" in the NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Lin Duk Coo is played by character actor Mako.

About Lin Duk[]

Lin Duk Coo was a cook at the North Vietnamese prison camp that held the A-Team. General Chow, the camp Commandant, would often starve the prisoners, but Lin saved many in the camp by sneaking them food. The team has fond memories of Lin; especially Murdock, who seems to have been the closest to him. According to Murdock, he saved the lives of a lot of grunts. When the team spots an older Asian guy in a swanky French restaurant which Face often frequents, he and the team sit and watch to see if it actually is Lin Duk. When B.A. calls out to him calling him Lin. In reaction, as if in a panic, the Cook runs out the back door while screaming "I yi,yi", an expression that Murdock had taught Lin while in the Prison Camp.

Convinced now that it is Lin, the team pursue him out the back door, into the Parking Lot. Before they can have a reunion, two men, who were working in conjunction with General Chow, and a "Thomas Angel", a.k.a. former Navy Lt. Thomas Anderson, who was an arch nemesis of the Team, who also collaborated with the enemy, namely Chow, with whom he now runs a China White Heroin distribution ring with, and who owns a bakery who delivers orders to the restaurant where Lin Duk works as a cook. During the war, Angel's collaboration with Chow caused many allied GI's to die in the camp.  Anyway, the henchmen with guns fire warning shots into the air telling everybody to get down on the ground. Abducting Lin at gunpoint, forcing him to go with them. In their muted "reunion" with Lin Duk, almost spoiled by the abduction, Hannibal, and B.A. manage to rescue Lin from the Warehouse fiasco and from the wrath of both Chow and Angel, who sought to kill him, as well as spoiling their drug operation, in the process!

Memorable Quotes []

Lin Duk Coo: Ay-yi-yi!