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"Labor Pains" is the eighth episode of the second season of The A-Team.


A group of farm workers is unhappy with the wages they're being paid so they quit, leaving the farmer with fields full of crops and no workers while there is a rain storm looming. When local businesses no longer want to do business with the former farmhands, the now-unemployed laborers enlist the aid of the A-Team to force the business owners to do things their way.

Things start to look dire when the farmer sends people to try to stop the formation of a union. Fortunately, Face is able to con another local farmer out of his truck and bits of farm equipment so that B.A. could convert them into weapons.


Ted Jarrett (farm owner)
various small business owners


Disgruntled farmhands

Notable Locations[]

A California farm valley

Memorable Quotes[]

Hannibal: Just how badly does Jarrett have to get that crop out of the ground?
ex-farmhand: Well, there's been storm clouds threatening for the last couple of days, and he knows that, uh, one good heavy rain and it'll wipe him completely out.


Most of the farm workers didn't want to stop working and form a union, but the A-Team was sufficiently persuasive that they eventually agreed, albeit reluctantly. Not only was this case done for no pay, but the team had to talk most of its clients into accepting their help.

One of the most reasonable objections to Hannibal's insistence that the workers refrain from working until they'd finished forming a union was that they were out of food. Hannibal solved this by robbing the farmer of his catered dinner and delivering the food to the people he was urging to form a union. Since the farmer was also behind $20 per employee per week in wages, the A-Team insisted at gunpoint that he and his guests hand over their jewelry and cash until the full amount (plus interest as calculated by Face) was paid up.

Nobody asked for the team's help, and certainly none of the people in the newly-formed union were in a position yet to pay the team's fees. Presumably they either collected later or else did this case pro bono.

Guest stars[]

  • Charles Napier as Burt Cross
  • Penny Peyser as Laura Crenshaw
  • Alan Autry as Gary Crenshaw
  • Lance LeGault as Col. Decker
  • Carl Franklin as Captain Crane
  • John Vernon as Ted Jarrett
  • Ted Markland as Giddings
  • Belinda Balaski as Jimmy's Mother
  • Bob Larkin as Farmer with the Truck
  • Jim Boeke as Danton
  • David Clover as Jarrett's Man
  • Kyle Spicer as Jimmy