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"Judgement Day" is the first and second episode of the fourth season of The A-Team. It was initially aired as one two hour-long episode, but was divided into two half-hour episodes in syndication.


Part 1[]

At the Los Angeles County Courthouse, mobster Joe Scarlett arrives and is assured by his lawyer that the verdict will be in his favor. He is also told that his brother, Gino, is on his way from Italy, news that shakes him. Joe tells his lawyer that he wants his associate Nicky taken out of his operation, fearful that it will fail. Judge Leonard Mordente then calls court into session.

Mordente's daughter Lori jetskis as a helicopter chases her, Nicky hanging out of the side, who successfully pulls her into the helicopter against her will.

The judge receives a message, Joe knowing its contents. Suspecting Scarlett to be involved, Mordente excuses himself. Joe then expresses thankfulness that his brother is arriving, since the kidnapping was successful.

Mordente seeks the A-Team after being directed by "Mr. Lee" and encounters Hannibal, who is working as a window washer. Mordente expresses his fear that the jury will declare Scarlett guilty and that something will happen to his daughter as a result. The military police then arrive, led by Colonel Decker. They enter the building as Mordente gives Hannibal all of the information he has about the situation. He is able to provide little information, but Hannibal agrees to stay in contact before Decker arrives, prompting Hannibal to jump off the building with a parachute.

At the Mordente home, Augie, a mobster who heavily resembles Hannibal, arrives and is greeted at the door by Murdock, disguised as a butler. Augie meets with Mordente, providing him with a photo of Lori. B.A. then enters and helps Murdock subdue Augie. Murdock takes photos of him for Hannibal to create a disguise, which impresses even Augie. The disguised Hannibal the leaves the home with Nicky, who had accompanied Augie and had waited outside.

They arrive at the Pleasant View Motor Park and go to a trailer, where Hannibal is greeted by Marta, who is keeping watch on Lori. Hannibal meets with Lori, assuring her that she is to be rescued. When he goes back out, where Marta and Nicky finish an argument. Nicky threatens Hannibal, believing that she is cheating on him with Augie.

Marta goes to Hannibal and tells him her plans to kill Nicky so that she can be with Augie.

As the rest of the A-Team drive with Augie, he jumps out of the van, which is witnessed by two police officers, giving them no choice but to leave him and run.

Hannibal encounters Augie's girlfriend, but excuses himself to make a phone call to the team, who inform him of Augie's escape. He gives them information on the trailer park for Lori's rescue. Having tapped the phone, Decker is tipped off to this plan as well.

The real Augie arrives at the trailer park and fights Hannibal, who gains the upper hand. However, Marta catches him moving the unconscious Augie.

Disguised as a repairman, Face steals an RV, which he, B.A., and Murdock outfit with armor.

Captured, Hannibal is interrogated by Nicky, Augie, and Marta. Hannibal uses this opportunity to reveal Marta's infidelity and plans with Augie. B.A., Murdock, and Face arrive at the trailer park and get into a gunfight with the mobsters. During the firefight, Hannibal escapes the trailer just before the military police arrive and join in the firefight. Meanwhile, Nicky leaves the trailer with Lori in tow, boarding a helicopter. The A-Team soon escape the trailer park.

Face, Murdock, and B.A. find Joe's lawyer at a restaurant and interrogate him, learning that the mobsters have taken Lori to Italy.

After arriving in Italy, the team finds the house where Lori is being kept by Gino Scarlatti. After Scarlatti leaves, the team moves in, Hannibal disguised as an old man making a delivery of water to the house, Murdock hiding under a barrel. The lone guard catches onto the ruse, but Murdock manages to free Lori as Face and B.A. fight the guard. Nevertheless, Scarlatti returns and opens fire on the A-Team, who escape.

Part 2[]

While in pursuit, Scarlatti and his men exchange fire with the A-Team, who argue with B.A. about having put him on a plane. Just then, they encounter their escape and B.A. drives through it, causing it to explode. Scarlatti and his men crash into the plane's wreckage.

The A-Team and Lori find a ship they decide to take back to the United States. Face smooth-talks entertainment director Carla Singer for the team to gain entry onto the ship. She sends him to Dr. Forbes to be his new assistant. Face takes a wheelchair to pick up B.A., who he refers to as Mr. Allardyce, the supposed cousin of Conrad Stevens, chairman of the Carnival cruise lines. They also manage to get Hannibal and Murdock on board.

Hannibal is given the job of a pool boy and Face continues his job, giving a woman a massage and is told to give a Mr. Liebowitz a colonic. However, Face sees a boat dropping off Scarlatti and excuses himself from Liebowitz.

Singer Johnny Angel flirts with Carla (and other women aboard) and Face asks her about the boat carrying Scarlatti and is told what room he is staying in. In their presidential suite, Scarlatti and his men plan to find Lori aboard the ship and kill her.

The men search the ship for her as Face tries to evade them and ends up in Kitty Tremaine's room and she attempts to seduce him while her boyfriend, Arnold Bulansky, nicknamed "Bull," is out. Face covers for this, pretending it to be a medical emergency. Bull is convinced and Face leaves.

Johnny Angel rudely demands a towel and a drink from Hannibal and Face informs him and Lori of Scarlatti's arrival. Murdock and B.A. play shuffleboard, against B.A.'s wishes. Hannibal finds them and tells them to meet in B.A.'s cabin, where they discuss their plan to deal with Scarlatti and his men, deciding to use disguises.

Face discusses plans for a costume party with Carla and back in the cabin, Murdock has trouble figuring out a costume. Face returns and finds a white sheet for Murdock.

Scarlatti's men continue their search at the party, where Murdock knocks one of them out and takes him back to the cabin with his gun. Back at the party, Face speaks to Johnny Angel, who brags to him. Murdock subdues another one of Scarlatti's men and takes him to the cabin with another gun.

Armed with a syringe, Face tries to approach one of Scarlatti's men as Kitty tries to seduce him. However, Bull catches them and picks up Face, causing him to inject Bull, who passes out. Scarlatti's man recognizes Face and fights him, throwing him into the ship's pool just as Hannibal catches him.

Johnny Angel finds Scarlatti and his lieutenant in his room, where they are observing a photo he took with Lori. They demand to know where she is.

Hannibal, Murdock, and Face plan to eliminate Scarlatti and his lieutenant, but the two confront them with Lori, forcing them to surrender.

Scarlatti and his men take control of the ship, Scarlatti taking Lori to the presidential suite. Bull awakens and subdues one of the men that holds Hannibal, Murdock, and Face hostage just before passing out again. The A-Team rappels down the side of the ship as Scarlatti makes demands of her father.

The A-Team crashes in through the suite's windows and they subdue Scarlatti's men as Scarlatti escapes. He reaches his escape vessel as a Navy helicopter reaches the ship. Hannibal and Murdock jump ship and swim to the helicopter, boarding it as Scarlatti fires at them. Hannibal boards Scarlatti's boat and fights him, knocking him overboard.



Guest Starring[]

  • June Chadwick as Carla Singer
  • Christie Claridge as Kitty Tremaine
  • Michael Delano as Johnny Angel
  • Dana Elcar as Judge Leonard Mordente
  • Carl Franklin as Captain Crane
  • LaGena Hart as Lori Mordente
  • James F. Kelly as Del Shaber
  • Robert Miranda as Joe Scarlett
  • Zack Norman as Gino Scarlatti
  • Ana Obregon as Marta
  • Carl Strano as Nicholas 'Nicky' Scarlatti
  • Lance LeGault as Col. Decker


  • Michael Daniel Russo
  • Richard Brose as Bull
  • Ken Lerner


  • Marji Martin as Fat Lady
  • Nikolette Scorsese as Cindy
  • Benjamin Jurand as Bailiff
  • Keith Walker as Dr. Craig