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John Fujioka (born June 29, 1925) is a Hawaiian-born actor of Japanese descent who has enjoyed a prolific career playing various Japanese characters in film and television since the early 1960s. Originally credited as John Mamo, Fujioka appeared numerous times on series such as McHale's Navy, M*A*S*H, and Tales of the Gold Monkey. On the NBC-TV series The A-Team, he appears as General Chow, a former Commandant of the Vietnamese prison camp which housed the team, turned into pernicious heroin smuggler in the Season 2 episode "Recipe for Heavy Bread".

John appeared twice on the ABC-TV series The Six Million Dollar Man as Kuroda, a Japanese soldier who spent decades in the jungle, unaware World War II had ended.

Fujioka's most recent credit was a voice acting assignment for a videogame in 2004.

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