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General Chow
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General Chow (right) threating his narcotics smuggling partner, former POW Thomas Angel (Marjoie Gortner, left) in the Season 2 episode "Recipe for Heavy Bread".
Full Name:
First appearance: "Recipe for Heavy Bread"
Last appearance: N/A, one-time appearance
Appeared on/in: The A-Team
TV Episodes
appeared in:
1 episode
Portrayed by: John Fujioka in Guest appearance
Character Information
Gender Male
Nationality/Race: Chinese/Asian
Occupation former Vietnamese P.O.W. commanding officer turned narcotics smuggler
Family None mentioned

General Chow was a character who appeared in the Season 2 episode of the NBC-TV series The A-Team titled "Recipe for Heavy Bread". The part of General Chow is played in the episode by John Fujioka.

About General Chow[]

General Chow ran the P.O.W. camp in North Vietnam where the members of the A-Team were held. He starved his prisoners, but his cook, Lin Duk Coo, would sneak them food whenever possible.

When not working for the military, General Chow was a drug supplier. When Thomas Angel was assigned to his camp, Chow gave the prisoner preferential treatment in order to set up a "China White" heroin distribution line with Angel's father, "Big Tom" Angel.


John Fujika played General Vin Chow in another Stephen J. Cannell show: The Greatest American Hero.