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Colonel Francis Lynch, US Army is a recurring character who appears on the NBC-TV series The A-Team, as well as the 2010 film reboot The A-Team. The part of Col. Lynch is played by actor William Lucking on the TV series.


In the TV Series; Colonel Lynch was introduced to viewers in the pilot episode of The A-Team as the very first Military Colonel to be chasing the soldiers of fortune. The Colonel’s connection with The A-Team came from him being the commander of Fort Bragg, the maximum security prison where The A-Team escaped. Colonel Lynch had been chasing The A-Team ever since the break-out in 1972.

Colonel Lynch was chasing The A-Team during season 1 and part of season 2[1] until his replacement was brought in during the second season. His replacement was the Legendary Colonel Decker. Note that Colonel Lynch was successful in capturing the A-Team; an official from the United States State Department helped them escape again, but this in no way diminishes the fact that Colonel Lynch completed his mission[2].


Col. Lynch was given "one last chance" to catch the A-Team in Season 3 episode "Showdown!".

Memorable Quotes[]

Hannibal: Colonel, I'm impressed you read the paper. I thought you stayed away from anything that didn't have pictures.
Lynch: Go on, Smith. Say anything you want. Insult me. Call me horrible names. It's okay. You see, it's all over now. I won.[3]


  1. He wasn't seen up close, but he was chasing the A-Team in The Only Church in Town.
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