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The team is hired to escort Toby Griffen and some dynamite to her father's diamond mine in spite of a rival mine owner's resistance.


Jonathan Fletcher


Toby Griffin


Face - Edmund Morris, United Nations Attache to Zulabwe

Hannibal - carnival barker

Murdock - Colonel Bradley Lexington, Salisbury Explosives and Arms Control

Notable Locations[]

Bulaweyo, Zulabwe, Africa

Memorable Quotes[]

B.A.: I said I wasn't flying to Africa, but I'm here. I said I wasn't flying to no Borneo, and I was there. The same with Mexico, Latin America, and anywhere else you guys want to hustle me into.
Murdock: B.A., life's roads have many twists.
B.A.: Now I'm gettin' tired of all these tricks you guys keep playin' on me. This is the last time!

Hannibal: You know, B.A., with a pair of pliers and a little time you could fix anything but dinner.


Face's estimate for this job was $210 000. Miss Griffin offered the A-Team a massive diamond as collateral, and promised them 10% of the mine's find for the first year. Hannibal accepted the deal.

Hannibal once again introduced Amy as a member of the A-Team, something he had only done once before.[1] Nonetheless, Amy had very little to do this episode. She was mostly just extra baggage that the team had to protect. When Hannibal was explaining how they were going to run while under fire he didn't even mention her.

B.A. went to Borneo after Colonel Lynch captured the team.[2] He went to Mexico after Amy hired the team to find her co-worker.[3] He went to Guatemala for a job that was never described.[4]