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The A-Team is hired by the father of Sheila Rodgers to break her out of a religious camp where she has been held for eighteen months. Sheila is rescued, but Hannibal, Face, B.A., and Amy are captured.


Martin James


Sheila Rodgers' father


Amy - Sue Ellen the reluctant camper

Face - Dwayne the fisherman

Hannibal - Wyatt the gentleman

Notable Locations[]

Jamestown, in the hills near Redwood, California (five miles from the Oregon border)

Memorable Quotes[]

Face: I will fear no evil. Thy rod and thy AR-15 shall comfort me, right guys?


This is Dirk Benedict's first appearance as Templeton Peck.

Guest starring[]

  • Gerrit Graham as Brother Stephen
  • Ron Hayes as Tim Coulton
  • John Saxon as Martin James
  • John Carter as Stan Rodgers
  • Sherilyn Wolter as Carolyn Coulton
  • Carol Jones as Sheila Rodgers
  • Fred Lerner as Brother John
  • Dean Wein as James' Second-in-Command
  • Bill Watson as Man in Hardhat
  • Victoria Lucas as Girl