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Charissa Sosa
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Charissa Sosa, played by Jessica Biel in the 2010 film "The A-Team".
Full Name: Charissa Sosa
First appearance: None
Last appearance: None
Appeared on/in: The A-Team (2010) film
TV Episodes
appeared in:
Portrayed by: Jessica Biel
Character Information
Gender Female
Nationality/Race: American/Mixed
Hometown: ????
Occupation Captain, DCIS

Captain Charissa Sosa (nicknamed "El Diablo" by Murdock) is a character who appears in the 2010 film reboot of the original NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Charissa is played in the film by Jessica Biel.

Captain Charissa Sosa is a D.C.I.S. Agent investigating the whereabouts of the A-Team, in charge of finding U.S. Treasury plates that can be used to counterfeit money, and former girlfriend of Face.


The Iraq/Baghdad Incident and Court-Martial[]

In 2010, while the A-Team members are at a military base in Iraq, run by General Russell "Russ" Morrison, about a week after troops are withdrawn from Iraq, she arrives by helicopter and sees Face for the first time since their break-up, 3 years ago. Sosa tells Face to stay out of Baghdad and not go after the U.S. Treasury plates that can be used to counterfeit money because it is her responsibility to find them and they would be violating a direct D.O.D. order. She also threatens to court-martial. Sosa later sees Lynch leaving General Morrison's tent. While the A-Team members plan their mission to retrieve the plates, Sosa sees some people in a tent disguised as the A-Team. Sosa later questions Morrison about the A-Team's whereabouts and realizes that he sent the A-Team into Baghdad.

After the A-Team return to the base with the plates, General Morrison dies in an explosion and Brock Pike, who works for Black Forest, steals the plates. Sosa apprehends the A-Team and during the court-martial, Director McCready demotes her to the rank of first Lieutenant because she lost the plates.

Hunting the A-Team[]

Six months later, after Hannibal escaped, and shortly before Face escaped from prison, Director McCready informs Sosa that Hannibal escaped and she decides to go after them. She thinks that the A-Team is working with Pike and she can get the plates back. She then questions Gilbert, the crematorium attendant at the Army Confinement Facility in Fort Carson, Colorado, where Hannibal escaped, but does not get anywhere. Later on, Sosa figures out from her assistant, Ravech, that Hannibal used Tetrodoxin, the near-death drug, to escape. She also figures out that Pike is in Frankfurt, Germany.

After Hannibal and Face rescue B. A., Sosa finds out that Face escaped. Ravech tells her that Murdock is at the Army Psychiatric Hospital in Manheim, Germany. While Murdock and the other patients watch a 3-D movie entitled The Greater Escape, Sosa questions Murdock about Hannibal and Face, but he pretends he doesn't understand. Shortly afterwards, Hannibal, B.A., and Face burst through the wall on an armored truck and Murdock escapes. The A-Team members steal an Army plane with a tank on it. Ravech, with Sosa as a passenger, drives onto the runway and has to go in reverse so the plane doesn't crush them. Sosa later tells soldiers who are controlling Reaper drones not to shoot the plane down. Later on, at the U.S. European Command building in Stuttgart, Germany, Sosa's other assistant, Gammons, shows Sosa a picture of Lynch and she recognizes him from Iraq. Lynch's secretary tells him that Sosa wants to talk to him. Sosa asks Lynch if he visited Hannibal in prison and he denies it. Shortly afterwards, Lynch taps into Sosa's phone lines.

At Frankfurt Central Station, Face handcuffs Sosa to a photo booth in order to protect her from Lynch and keep her from interfering. He tells her that they're innocent and that the truth is worth the risk. Face eventually escapes. At the Konigsbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, Sosa apprehends Pike. She questions him and he tells her that he works alone, but she thought he was working with Hannibal. Lynch releases Pike from her custody. Hannibal calls Sosa and tells her that Morrison is still alive so that Lynch will believe it. (Morrison faked his own death in Iraq, but died during an air strike launched by Lynch after the A-Team found out that he betrayed them.) Hannibal also tells Sosa that they have the plates and he requests a re-trial. Sosa agrees to meet the A-Team at the Los Angeles docks in 48 hours.

At the port of Los Angeles, Sosa decides to change the deal but Hannibal refuses to turn himself in. Lynch is eventually exposed and Sosa reveals that "Lynch" is actually Agent Vance Burress and she has a warrant for his arrest.

Helping the A-Team[]

The following morning, even though the A-Team members are found innocent, they get arrested for breaking out of prison. Director McCready re-promotes Sosa to Captain since the plates have been retrieved. He tells her that the A-Team is going to be delivered to the U.S. Marshals in Long Beach, which angers her. She apologizes to Face and kisses him, smuggling a key into his mouth. While in the armored prison van, Face reveals the key in his mouth and quotes Hannibal's catch phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together." The A-Team manage to escape.


Sosa is a Steely Dan fan. In Iraq, Face asks her if she took his Steely Dan CD, she refuses to answer. She has the song "Reelin' in the Years" as her ringtone. She can also be sarcastic, as when she sees people disguised as the A-Team and they tell her they paid them to do it, she sarcastically says "Oh, did you get a hundred?". She is originally annoyed by Face, as he is the reason she got demoted for losing the U.S. Treasury plates. She left Face when their relationship started getting serious, showing an attitude a little bit hypocrite since she claims that leaving is her fondest memory of him, suggesting that it was him who ruined everything, while the truth was that she left him because she was scared. After she finds out that the A-Team are innocent, she is angered by the fact that her boss, Director McCready, has them arrested for escaping prison and she helps the A-Team escape.[1]

About Charissa and "Face"[]

Charissa is Face's former lover, who left him after he became serious about their relationship. Sosa returns three years later as a DCIS captain and warns Face not to steal the plates used to manufacture currency. Deeply angered when his defiance leads to her demotion to first lieutenant, Sosa pursues the team for the majority of the film. In the film's dénouement, she is promoted once again to captain. Angered by her superior arresting the A-Team for breaking out of prison to clear their names, she kisses Face and sneaks a key into his mouth for them to escape.



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