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While BA drives to Hollywood, where Face is having a ball, Murdock's rabbits foot doesn't stop him and the black van from getting hijacked by bank-robber Logan and his mate Malcolm; just chasing them gets both A-team members arrested, and the sheriff believes they initiated the ride, so they're packed off to a work farm too, while BA's fingerprints can't fail to alert Decker. Hannibal impersonates the colonel, but is too late - inside, they see an accomplice free the crooks but handcuff both of them, forced to bring a shot guard to the hospital but they escape there.


  • B.A., Murdock, and the two bank robbers are all sent to a work farm immediately after being processed by the police. This is a violation of the US Constitution, which prohibits slavery or indentured servitude except as punishment for a crime. Since none of the above have yet gone to trial and been found guilty of any crime, forcing them to work is unconstitutional.