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"Body Slam" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of The A-Team


Victor "Papa" Kotero, patriarch of the Carter crime family, is released from prison, greeted by Sonny.

The A-Team attends a Hulk Hogan wrestling match, Hannibal diguised as a popcorn vendor, monitoring the arena for federal agents. Hulk wins the bout and announces that he will be donating his winnings to his favorite charity.

B.A. introduces Hulk – his comrade from the Vietnam War – to the rest of the team. Hulk requests the A-Team's help with a problem.

At the Venice Boys Center, Sonny Carter threatens Dicki Gordon, who refuses to sell the center to the Carter crime family. However, Hulk arrives just in time to rescue her. Sonny runs to a car occupied by his men, prompting B.A. and Hulk to chase them, though they manage to escape.

Dicki fills in the A-Team on her struggles against the crime family, whose attempts to obtain the center have been foiled by Hulk. Hannibal assigns B.A. and Hulk to take a forceful approach whilst Face and Murdock investigate Sonny. Hannibal sets out to learn why the crime family wants to take over the Boys Center.

Victor and Sonny argue over Sonny's apparent inability to successfully take over the center. Meanwhile, B.A. and Hulk go to the Carter yacht, with Face and Murdock following, pretending to be a news crew.

Hulk and B.A. interrupt a party hosted by Sonny, who begrudgingly writes a check, donating to the Boys Center. Face and Murdock investigate Sonny's office as Victor lectures Sonny for writing the check. Face finds tax returns indicating that Sonny's original surname was Kotero.

Carter men follow B.A. and Hulk to a gym, taking them hostage at gunpoint. The men lead them into a dark room in the building, but several wrestlers come to B.A. and Hulk's aid, fighting off the Carter men.

Face obtains FBI records on Kotero, learning that Dicki's father was a guard that survived an armed robbery committed by Kotero in 1958. Hannibal proposes that Dicki's father was an accomplice to Kotero and that the Boys Center hides the gold haul from the robbery.

Hannibal and Face, disguised as FBI agents Sean McKeon and William Deberg, enter the Carter yacht. Hannibal – whose disguise "McKeon" is the supposed brother of a late FBI agent that arrested Kotero – demands Kotero to lead him to the gold, to be split.

Hannibal takes Kotero and Sonny to the Boys Center, where Murdock digs up the cache, which contains a letter to Kotero from Dicki's father, saying that the gold was moved. Just then, Colonel Decker arrives with the real Agent William Deberg and they manage to capture Hannibal, Face, and B.A.

The Carter family plan a siege as Hulk, Murdock, and Dicki set out to rescue their captured allies. Deberg and Decker argue over whether the FBI or military will have custody of the captured A-Team.

Murdock, disguised as General Hagen, supposedly in charge of relocating the A-Team, thus easily freeing them and allowing their escape.

Carter men and military police arrive at a Hulkmania event and Face manages to trap Decker and Deberg. The A-Team and Hulk fight Sonny and his men, managing to take them down.

Face decides to show Dicki around the Carter yacht as Hulk and B.A. argue about who will throw who off of the dock.



Special Guest Starring[]

  • Hulk Hogan as himself

Guest Starring[]

  • Titos Vandis as Victor Kotero
  • Deborah Wakeham as Dicki Gordon
  • Michael Gregory as Sonny Carter
  • Sam Melville as Rocco
  • Lance LeGault as Col. Decker


  • James Bartz as William Deberg
  • Preston Hanson as Lenny


  • Rod Stryker as Soldier
  • Jeff Sanders as Sergeant
  • Gale Emerson as Vanessa
  • Robert Purvey as Cole
  • James Brown III as Kerry Mitchell
  • David Westgor as Howard
  • Gene Okerlund as himself