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"Bad Time on the Border" is the fourth episode of the second season of The A-Team.


A man in Tiajuana calling himself Prince charged people $1600 to be taken illegally into the United States. He required half up front in cash and allowed the other half to be worked off in a sweatshop. A United States border officer, Lt. Taggart, took care of transporting the Mexicans across the border and delivering them to the sweatshops.

When one of the employees Prince sent to Taggart was sick with Hepititis, Prince put her in a shed and gave her penicillin, but didn't care much whether she lived or not. When her daughter realized her mother wasn't travelling with her, she tried to stay behind. Taggart didn't want to let her, but the girl soon escaped and befriended B.A.

The A-Team went to Tiajuana and overturned Prince's operation, destroying his car in the process. They also blew up Taggart's compound and all of his vehicles, then arranged for his arrest.


Lieutenant Taggart


none, though B.A. wanted to reunite Maria Navarotte with her mother, Delia


Amy - Dakota Haynes

B.A. - Marie

Face - Jerry

Murdock - Donny

Notable Locations[]

Los Angeles

Memorable Quotes[]

Amy: I don't want you to get me wrong. I hate ducks myself! Except for those big lips they got. I just love big lips.


Face scolded Presley for offering the A-Team a bribe, even as he took the money. Murdock stole some clothes from him at the same time. Presley's wrong-doing was to illegally hire Mexicans, and he even gave the A-Team what information he had. His employees clearly weren't making minimum wage, but there was nothing stopping them from walking out the door if they didn't want to work there.

When Murdock needed a helicopter, he stole it from the Mexican ranger service then flew it to a California hospital.

The only money the A-Team made during this episode was the bribe from Presley for an unknown amount, and then Hannibal paid $800 in bribes. Presumably after all of their expenses this case was a big loss for the team, financially.

Amy had something to do this episode. In one scene she dressed like a tramp and distracted Prince.

Maria Heasley appeared in this episode as Cherise, a young woman attracted to Face who took care of Maria while the A-Team was in Mexico.