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Sergeant Bosco "B.A." Baracus is a character who appears in both the 2010 film The A-Team reboot of the TV series. The part is played in the film by Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson.

Bosco Albert Baracus, also known as B.A. or "Bad Attitude" is the driver and mechanic for the A-Team. Like the original B. A. Baracus, he still has a mohawk, however, he does not wear gold chains. He has an Army Ranger tattoo on his right arm, as does the rest of the A-Team, however, he also has the words "Pity" and "Fool" tattooed on his knuckles as a tribute to Mr. T's catchphrase from Rocky III, "I pity the fool". He was portrayed by former UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

A German movie poster reminiscent of a dossier/personnel file was released with the following bio:

So much is certain: his nickname "Bad Attitude" was not given to B. A. on accident. He is not the type with which one can get along with easily. Despite the grumpy look and the tattoos on his knuckles, you should be aware that this man is so devoted to the others in the A-Team that they are his brothers, even if he would never admit it.

B. A. joined the A-Team in an unusual way: While working in the Middle East, he became a victim of justice when he tried to expose 2 corrupt comrades. Unjustly, he was dishonorably discharged, ending his life in the Army abruptly. B. A. got a second chance when Hannibal kidnapped him and his vehicle during a mission. Since Hannibal quickly understood the skills of his captive at the wheel, he took him into his team.

B. A. is not only as strong as a bear, he is also a gifted guide - which is not really a surprise for someone who devotedly loves cars as much as he does. Behind the wheel, he is happy, but he is angered at whoever tries to get him on board a means of transportation that terrifies him: the airplane.[1]


Before Joining the A-Team[]

In February 1991, B. A. is working on a car when Lieutenant Spencer tells him to walk with him. According to B. A., only his mother calls him Bosco. Spencer tells B. A. that 2 nights ago, some gangsters stole weapons that were his responsibility. He asks B. A. to help 2 other men retrieve the weapons in Kuwait City.

At 2100 Hours, over Kuwait, Macguire asks B. A. what is going on and the other man tells him that B. A. doesn't like flying and Macguire points out that you have to be Airborne to be a Ranger. B. A. says that he flies because his country asks him to. They land and B. A. drives them to Kuwait City in an armored car.

Later on, they run into a man with a grenade launcher and B. A. drives into a body of water to escape. B. A. causes an explosion and the man with the grenade launcher thinks he won. He tells B. A. that he and the other gangsters bought the weapons from the Army. Macguire and the other man set B. A. up. He says that if they get the weapons back, Spencer can cover it up and they can give B. A. a cut, but he refuses. B. A. fights them.

Two weeks later, in Saudi Arabia, even though B. A. stopped Lieutenant Spencer's profiteering ring, a military court decides to have B. A. be dishonorably discharged and sent back to the U.S. the following morning.

Ten months later, in Los Angeles, some kids are playing with a ball, kicking it around, and B. A. gives them money to get hot dogs or something until he leaves so that they don't hit his van. He visits a tattoo artist and longtime friend of his who heard from B. A.'s mom that he got kicked out of the Army. He expresses his condolences and tells B. A. that he saw his mom a couple of months ago when he tattooed her ankle. B. A. decides that he wants to get tattoos on his knuckles like Robert De Niro had in Cape Fear. B. A. gets "Pity" and "Fool" tattooed on his knuckles.[2]

The Mexico Incident[]

In Mexico, B, A. is seen driving an expensive sports car to a chop shop to pick up his van (which later becomes the A-Team van). They refuse to give it back to him, so B. A. fights them and gets it back.

Later on, Hannibal sees B. A.'s van driving down the road and car jacks him. Hannibal shoots B. A. in the arm and B.A. is angered not by the fact that he got shot, but by the fact that he got shot in his van. Once Hannibal gets in the van, he notices B.A.'s Army Ranger tattoo and shows his in return. Hannibal and B. A. recite the rules of the Army Rangers: "[Hannibal]: Never shall I fail my comrades. Gallantly will I show the world that I'm a specially selected soldier. [B.A.]: Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained. [Hannibal]: And I will fight with all my mind." Hannibal and B. A. agree to rescue another Ranger, Face. After they rescue Face, Face teases B. A. for having a "bad attitude" until he finds out that B. A. is a Ranger, after which he thanks him.

Hannibal, B. A., and Face go to the Hospital San Vicente de Paulo, a U.S. Army Hospital in Sonora, Mexico where Murdock is pretending to be a doctor. Murdock stitches the gunshot wound in B. A.'s arm in the shape of a lightning bolt. After Hannibal finds out that Murdock is an Army Ranger, he lets him join the A-Team. While flying the hospital helicopter, Murdock knocks an air conditioner off of the roof on to B. A.'s van, which angers him. While trying to escape from General Javier Tuco, B. A. almost falls out of the open helicopter door, but is rescued by Face, leading to B. A.'s intense fear of flying, especially when Murdock is piloting. They manage to lure Tuco into U.S. airspace and his plane is shot down for trespassing, allowing the A-Team to escape.

Iraq/Baghdad Incident and Court-Martial[]

"8 years and 80 successful missions later", the A-Team members are at a military base in Iraq, run by General Russell "Russ" Morrison, about a week after troops are withdrawn from Baghdad. Murdock plays with a puppet and says "My name's Percy. Would you like some pork?"

At the base, B. A. tells Hannibal that he is going to get a new van once he goes back to L.A. They run into Brock Pike, who teases B. A. and calls him "Barely Able".

During a mission to retrieve U.S. Treasury plates that could be used to counterfeit money, B. A. rides a motorcycle and takes out enemies along the way. B. A. gets into the back of the shipping container where the plates are and airbags are used to make it float in the water. Hannibal and Face attach the container to Murdock's helicopter and fly to the base, successfully retrieving the plates. B. A. is angered by the fact that he is being flown inside a shipping container. At the base, General Morrison dies from an explosion and Pike steals the plates.

Due to General Morrison's death and all evidence being destroyed of them working under orders, the A-Team members are Court-Martialed. Hannibal attempts to take full responsibility, but Face accepts that it was his responsibility, as well as B. A. and Murdock. They refuse to be tried separately. They are found guilty and sent to different prisons for up to 10 years, stripped of their ranks, and dishonorably discharged.

Escape from Prison[]

Six months later, B. A. is on a Ft. Sauber prison bus in Lake Tahoe, California. B. A. has an afro instead of a mohawk and is seen reading a book entitled "Tolerance and Compassion: The Road to Forgiveness". He looks out the window and sees a license plate that says EMRGNCY XITNOW and realizes that it's Hannibal. Hannibal attaches a grappling hook to the emergency exit door and B. A. gets on it and escapes with Hannibal and Face. B. A. decides that he can't kill anyone and tells Hannibal and Face that he got the mohawk when he was a kid because everyone thought he needed to be tough.

After rescuing Murdock from the Army Psychiatric Hospital in Manheim, Germany, the A-Team steal an Army plane with a tank on it. They knock out B. A. and just before the plane is shot down, they make it onto the tank which has parachutes attached to it. When B. A. wakes up and realizes that they are "flying" in a tank, he freaks out. They land in Lake Wolgastsee, where a German couple is fishing.

Retrieving the Stolen Plates[]

At the Konigsbank Tower in Frankfurt, Germany, B. A. disguises as a window cleaner. He retrieves the case containing the plates. B. A. refuses to shoot Pike and Hannibal hits him with a car. The police apprehend Pike.

Clearing Their Names[]

The A-Team members are in a cabin with "the Arab" held captive. Hannibal unmasks "the Arab" and reveals that it is General Morrison, who had faked his own death. Morrison was working with Pike to double-cross Lynch like he did the A-Team. Hannibal asks Lynch if he knew Morrison was "the Arab". He also asks for amnesty for the team. Lynch says he needs 5 minutes. Hannibal tells Morrison to tell the police that they are innocent. Lynch launches an air strike on the cabin, killing Morrison. The A-Team members survive and escape on a boat. They tell Lieutenant Charissa Sosa that Morrison is still alive so that Lynch will believe it, since he is wired into her phone lines. Lynch has a fit when he hears it. Hannibal also tells Sosa that they have the plates.

At the airport, B. A. is disguised as a person from Tanzania and Murdock is disguised as a Rabbi, however, their passports get mixed up. Murdock speaks Swahili. B. A. thinks that they are going by boat, but just after he finds out they are going by plane, Murdock knocks him out.

They land on a boat and Face plans their mission to prove their innocence. B. A. reads about Gandhi and is seen holding his razor in front of the mirror. Hannibal asks him about what he feels his best for him.

They start the mission to clear their names at the port of Los Angeles. On the ship, Pike made a hole in the hull with a grenade launcher. B. A. uses a motorcycle to get to Pike and breaks his neck. Face yells "BOSCO!!!" and B. A. takes off his hat, revealing that his mohawk is back. Lynch hears his name being called out. Hannibal and Lynch fight. Lynch shoots "Morrison" and holds one of the plates in his hand before shooting Hannibal. A crane is used to lift the shipping container, revealing Lynch. A bulletproof helmet is taken off of Murdock, who suddenly feels "sane". B. A. feels "at peace".

The following morning, even though the A-Team members cleared their names, they are arrested for breaking out of prison. Sosa kisses Face and smuggles a key into his mouth. When they are in the armored prison truck, Face reveals the key in his mouth. The A-Team manage to escape.[3]


Promotional Trailer[]


The A-Team B.A. Baracus FIRST LOOK (2010)


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