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Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen was a regular main character who appeared in 24 episodes of the first two seasons of the NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Amy was played by actress Melinda Culea.

About Amy[]

Amy was a reporter for the Los Angeles Courier Express. She researched the A-Team with help from her co-worker, Zack, and sought them out. She agreed to hire them for $150 000 to take her to Mexico to find her friend and fellow reporter, Al Massey. (She only ended up paying them $25 000.)

After realizing how much she enjoyed the work, she blackmailed the A-Team into letting her stick with them. They came to trust her, and on a couple occasions Hannibal even called her a part of the team.[1]

The team didn't shirk from letting fairly evil people see Amy's face and learn her name. Possibly they were confident of their ability to protect her, or possibly they felt that since she was blackmailing them to force them to allow her to tag along then that was her problem.[2]

After getting in touch with an old boyfriend (who was working as a reporter for the New York Times) as part of a job, Amy thought that some of the old magic might still be there and the two went for dinner.[3] She was soon back in Los Angeles, however. Amy later became romantically involved with Daniel Running Bear, and stayed behind in Arizona with him when the A-Team went back to Los Angeles.[4] It seemed a short-lived relationship, however, since she was soon back in L.A.[5]

Amy knew how to parachute.[6] She was comfortable riding a horse.[7]

Amy eventually received an overseas assignment in Djakarta and stopped forcing the team to let her tag along.[8]

Notable appearances[]