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Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen was a regular main character who appeared in 24 episodes of the first two seasons of the NBC-TV series The A-Team. The part of Amy was played by actress Melinda Culea.

About Amy[]

Amy was a reporter for the Los Angeles Courier Express. She researched the A-Team with help from her co-worker, Zack, and sought them out. She agreed to hire them for $150 000 to take her to Mexico to find her friend and fellow reporter, Al Massey. (She only ended up paying them $25 000.)

After realizing how much she enjoyed the work, she convinced the A-Team into letting her stick with them. They came to trust her, and on a couple occasions Hannibal even called her a part of the team.[1]

The team didn't shirk from letting fairly evil people see Amy's face and learn her name. Possibly they were confident of their ability to protect her.[2]

After getting in touch with an old boyfriend (who was working as a reporter for the New York Times) as part of a job, Amy thought that some of the old magic might still be there and the two went for dinner.[3] She was soon back in Los Angeles, however. Amy later became romantically involved with Daniel Running Bear, and stayed behind in Arizona with him when the A-Team went back to Los Angeles.[4] It seemed a short-lived relationship, however, since she was soon back in L.A.[5]

Amy knew how to parachute.[6] She was comfortable riding a horse.[7]

Amy eventually received an overseas assignment in Djakarta and stopped doing jobs with the A-Team.[8]

Notable appearances[]