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An honest cop hires the A-Team to take down some crooked cops.

Notable Organizations[]

Los Angeles Police Department


Captain Stark and his team


Police Inspector Ed Maloney


Amy - exterminator
Amy - driver in distress

Face - exterminator
Face - doctor
Face - Captain Roy McEvedy, LAPD

Hannibal - Kid Shaleen the Irish drunk
Hannibal - Sergeant Smith, LAPD
Hannibal - Wooden cowboy

Murdock - Lieutenant Harv Esterhaus, LAPD
Murdock - Flower delivery man

Notable Locations[]

Los Angeles

Memorable Quotes[]

Murdock: Book 'em, Danno! Murder one!


The A-Team charged Inspector Maloney $3 680 for the job.

Guest starring[]

  • Jack Ging as SWAT Captain Stark
  • Dean Stockwell as Police Officer Collins
  • Norman Alden as Police Inspector Ed Maloney
  • Al White as Police Officer Steven Meadows
  • Fil Formicola as Shaeffer
  • Carol Baxter as Nurse
  • Ismael 'East' Carlo as Delgado (as East Carlo)
  • Lew Palter as Desk Sergeant
  • Rhonda Shear as Bonnie Webb
  • Dave Morick as Mickey
  • Connie Downing as Waitress