"A Nice Place to Visit" is the 14th and final episode of the first season of The A-Team. This is also the season finale, and the 14th overall series episode. It was written by Frank Lupo, and directed by Bernard McEveety. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on May 10, 1983.


In the season finale, the A-Team attends the funeral of a friend, then attends to his murderers.


The Watkins family



Notable LocationsEdit

The town of Barlow Creek

Memorable QuotesEdit

Amy: I'm warning you! I've got a gun!
Harold Watkins: You hear that, Deke? She's got a gun.
Deke Watkins: Bull!
Deke Watkins: Oh! This chick is nuts!
[The brothers flee.]


The A-Team wore their army uniforms for Ray Brenner's funeral.

Amy was once again put on her mettle. After the A-Team was beaten up and stranded outside of town, Deke Watkins returned to the Brenner farm to rape her. She fortified the farmhouse and shot at him until he left. When the team are chased by police in first scene Hannibal tells ba to step on it and when van drives by a white guy is driving it, obviously a stunt man

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